More recordings like "The Trinity Sessions"?

Apparently the group just set up and began to play and record. Are there more examples other than concerts that were made this way? I'm aware that at one time that was the way it was done but am asking about more recent recordings.
It's a very different style of music, but Todd Rundgren was pretty well known for employing this approach from time to time - with varying degrees of success. I couldn't tell you every release that he took that way, but there are several that I'm aware of. The most successful example (IMHO) of those TR records is Nearly Human, the least successful is probably Second Wind (IMO the record, ahem, blows).

A very different kind of music but "A Meeting By The River" by Ry Cooder and Vishwa Mohan Bhatt was recorded an hour after the two first met and reportedly was almost completely improvised. A remarkable recording.
Joe Jackson - "Big World"
Thanks! Will check them all out.
Maybe Pat Metheny's One Quiet Night? (I love this thread, btw. Inspiring me to spend $ on more great music.)
Elvis Costello's album My Aim is True was recorded for around 38,000 dollars and the rumour is the first take was what was pressed to vinyl.
Spending $ 38,000 dollars to record an album in 1977 is nothing to brag about.
You may want to try Sarah McLaughlin "freedom sessions"

Just played the lp tonight, spacious palpable acoustics
You're probably aware of this, but CJ did an anniversary edition of Trinity, with help from Vic Chesnut and others. Not sure of production details.

If what draws to Trinity is the high quality single mike recording, you might try stuff from Chesky, such as Valerie Joyce's New York Blue (she has a spacy sort of voice which is a bit like Margo Timmons).

I a different genre, Heartworn Highways is a nice, unadorned recording of various Texas types, includiding CJ hero Towns Van Zandt.
Per John's reference to SQ:

If that's what you're after, pass on the Rundgren stuff. Not good. I assumed that you were more focused on the live/spontaneous feel of the performances.


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I got hold of 2 Cow's WAOB. Great call, thanx. You might check out the Canadian band called "Jr. Gone Wild". Very much of a piece with WAOB.
Forgot to paste the Jr Gone Wild link

CD called Simple Little Wish
Thanks Marty, I picked up one of the 3 Jr Gone Wild discs they had on the 'Zon.

We should have a Canadoan band thread!

You could easily have a Canadian band thread. Frazey Ford could have her own thread. Amazingly talented girl.

"My Aim Is True was recorded at Pathway Studios, Islington in a total of Twenty four hours studio time and at a cost of 2000 pounds. As I still had my "day-job" these sessions had to take place on "sick days" and holidays during late 1976 and early 1977. The musicians were members of the Marin county band Clover, who could not be credited at the time due to contractual reasons. The producer was Nick Lowe,"
Anything by Richard and Linda Thompson should fit the bill. First it is live and Linda's voice sounds simalar.