Modest Speakers for Large Room

I'm dipping my toe into Hi-Fi and have a pretty large listening room. Approximate dimensions are 14'x35' with peaked ceiling at 9' to 12'6" (9' on the long sides). Even these dimensions are a bit misleading as this room is also open to my dining area at one end (opposite my intended speaker location)which adds another 14'x14' or so. I realize there is a lot of acoustic tuning to be done in this room, which I'm working on, but It's time to start looking at speakers. I'd like the be in the $1500 range for my first set. Also, there is only one hi-fi shop in/around my home so I'll likely be traveling to ATL to audition some more speakers, but I'm wondering if you kind folks could point me in the right direction so to speak. Help lead the blind and you'll surely be rewarded with gobs of good Karma!
It really depends on the amplifier you plan to use (speaker amp matching is very important).

Other issues of speaker placement (ie., distance from walls), personal tastes etc. all come into play.

Not a straightforward question without more information.
I also have a large space. My only comment is that large spaces can "kill" the sound of speakers that sound great in smaller spaces that are typical of a hi fi shop's listening room. You should try to negotiate an in-home audition.
Amp is the grand old GFA-555 that's been updated with new caps. Currently using a GFA preamp, but I'm probably going to update to a Jolida tube preamp (maybe some other tube pre, still looking/thinking). I don't listen at huge volumes, I just have a large room to fill. The end of the room where I plan to put the speakers is open and should allow lots of access for speaker placement (i.e. plenty of room off back and side walls). Listening position should be nicely centered in the room. I'm also probably going to build some DIY acoustic panels. I feel like I can get pretty good placement and seating arrangement, just wondering about the overall volume of the room. I appreciate the help from you folks that are much further along in the hobby than I am.
Larger omnis similar to my OHM F5s, like current larger OHM 2000, 3000, 4000 or 5000 depending on actual size and budget might be worth a look. Each sounds similar but are specifically designed to go in different size rooms.

You will need probably at least 80-120 w/ch to drive them well. I like to throw as much possible at them. Larger Class D amps like Wyred, Bel Canto, Spectral, and others work great and are small, energy efficient and often a very good value.
Probably go with a large floorstander...add a sub later...Revel F12s are impressive for the money...not a real eye popping design...but solid engineering...Paradigm studio series are generally well are fact an older pair of Stratus Golds would fit the bill nicely....good luck
My listening room is large, like yours, with cathedral ceilings, and one end open to kitchen/dinig room. I have my speakers well into the room, from the short wall, and listem moderately in the nearfield, at eight feet from both speakers, they being vintage Tannoy HPD 315's (12" dual-concentric, or coaxial).

Soundstage is very deep, and depending on music, from wall to wall. They do a great job under these conditions. While they may be out of reach for you at this time, keep them in the back of your mind.

They are also easy to drive, and mate well with tube or solid state amps. Best of luck to you, hope you enjoy your audio journey.

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I use Zu Definition 4s. They are above your price point. However, Zu does make others that are less expensive; you might give them a call. Another thought is Lore. Although I have not heard the Lores, the have some similarities with Zu. Zu offers a 60 day in home trial. I think that Lore does as well.
I've heard a couple recommendations for Zu's and the PSB. I'm going to find a place to audition both of those for sure.

Islandmandan - You're room sounds very similar to mine. What if anything are you using for acoustic control. I spent the evening researching DIY acoustic panels. I'm fairly handy and they don't seem difficult to build.

Thanks Again Everyone!
For current offerings, you'd be hard pressed to beat the Monitor Audio Silver RX8, at $1750 full list. It's amazing how large and full-sounding these modestly-sized speakers sound. At the same time they bring a modern linearity and detailed resolution to the table with a natural-sounding tonal balance. TAS Review here.

If you go used, look for a pair of Mirage M1si or M3si bipolar speakers. You should be able to get these for at or well under your budget. With clean fast amplification they are still enjoyble and even competitive. They can really fill a space and provide the low frequency energy to energize a fairly large space.

You may need to augment the Monitor Audios with subwoofers, but I can'tsay for sure you try them on their own first.
Klipsch Forte, Chorus or Cornwall. Great user community, access to spare parts and 3rd party upgrades (ie. Crites) and easy to sell if they don't work out.

They will not have any trouble filling your large area with sound even with a lesser amp than yours.
At your budget, the PSB Image series would work well. I own a number of PSBs, from Image 4t through Synchrony One. My Image t65 uses 3-6.5" woofers, so it can move some air without strain. That is the biggest problem with large rooms and smaller speakers, you just cant load the room.
So look for something with a least a single 10" woofer or multiple 6 to 8".
You should audition the Vandersteen 2CE Signature II speakers. Just a bit over your budget but a little dealin may get them there. If I had a room and, more importantly, a wife that would accommodate them I'd give them a try.
My Carbon 7 speakers that I advertise here on AudioGon can actually fill a big room like yours with a high powered amp like your Adcom. The price for a brand new pair is more, however I currently have some demo models that are in your budget, contact me for more info on them. They also come with a 30 day trial so you can check them out on your system & acoustic environment.

Here is a link to a customers review that had them in a 14 x 36 ft room with high ceilings-

Good luck & happy listening... Fritz
Thank you guys for all the responses. I've got a list going with all the speakers I'd like to here. I've got an old prejudice against Klipsch. My best friends dad had a set of very expensive Klipsch speakers in the 90's that to my ear never sounded worth a crap. Of course I didn't know or care about room acoustics at that time and neither did he. I definitely want to here a pair of Vandersteen's. Used 2ce are within my price range and they seem to be a well regarded classic. I'm having a little trouble finding reasonable distance dealers for some of the other brands. I'd like to here some Revel's but can't seem to find any reasonably close dealers. Thanks again for all the info, keep it coming!
Where are you located? Maybe some Agoners can help with dealers.
Take Fritz up on his 30 day trial. Great speaker for the price.
I have read some excellent buyer reviews of even the small OHM MicroWalsh speakers doing quite well alone in what are described as large rooms, though for organ music and such a sub may be needed.

I run OHM Walsh 100 series 3 (slightly larger driver than MicroWalsh) in my large open family room/kitchen area and size is not an issue. The larger the room, the more the appeal of omni's like these in that a coherent soundstage can be had from a wider range of potential listening positions.