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RMAF - Loudspeakers that you don't want to miss
Vapor Audio - Dagogo- Nimbus White speaker review
Iasi, waiting 6 months for a pair of Vapor Audio speakers is actually a very good turn around time. Many customers would have been delighted with a 6 month wait from what I recall in the Vapor speaker threads. Some guys posted much longer waiting ... 
Best sounding new DAC under $2500?
J_fav, I see you went with Genesis speakers over Vapor Audio finally but picked up the BMC DAC from I'm guessing Ryan at Vapor? I think that was a smart choice :) Those Revel Salon 2's you had prior to the Genesis 5.2's were pretty sweet too! FWIW... 
Vapor Audio - Dagogo- Nimbus White speaker review
Vapor1, are you now saying you need the reviews since you didn't need them in the past? Vapor hasn't had many professional reviews because we just haven't needed them.  
Need suggestions on bookshelf speaker upgrades
Nyaudio98, you started this same thread last year and ended it as Vapor being the best. Looks a little suspicious. Even your previous answers pride Vapor. 
Got my Berlin Mini's today
Djanggo ;D 
would b&w 802n be an upgrade to my b&w 804S?
Baranowski, your anthem amp will easily drive the 802n. It's a beast of an amp and made to drive a good full range speaker. Personally I'm not a fan of the metal tweeter used but if you want to stick with B&W the 802n is your next step up. I w... 
would b&w 802n be an upgrade to my b&w 804S?
The 802n is a good step up from the 804s and the price is fair. Your room should be able to handle the 802n but make sure your amp has room to control the lows. 
Goldfinger Statement, Lyra Atlas or Ortofon Anna?
This may be a record! 
Why do Harbeth speakers have such a cult following
Not the fastest and most resolving speaker but are very enjoyable to listen to. Great tone and ambiance is why I think a lot of people love these speakers. I attended RMAF this year and have been very tough on a certian speaker builder that was sh... 
Signal cable Analog Two IC
Morrow is pretty popular these days. 
You can sure tell the new...
One pretty good deal on a used 95 and the others are very wishful thinkers. 
Speltz Anti Cable Speaker Cable
It is almost the same as working with coat hanger wire so bending and flattening shouldn't be an issue. 
HUM when I switch on components-
You could have a feedback issue from your main panel. Turn the breaker off that is above and below the one you are using for your system. If this stops the hum then turn one of the breakers back on and check again. If the hum comes back then find ... 
I have a friend who ran a tube amp on the high post and solid state for the low. Something didn't click so he sold both amps and purchased a more powerful and slightly more expensive solid state amp and used a very good jumper. In the end this wor...