Hi guys, I have been always curious about Marantz reference series but i had never had the chance to try it.
I came across today of this new series coming out in January. A friend of mine that went to Munich told me that they were amazing sounding units together. Only black finish in the US.

I have the feeling that this combo will be in the must have this coming year for many of us!
Kind regards and happy new year.

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I have the PM-15S2b integrated and SACD player and would love to have this beast with 200W/channel and matching SACD player that can  handle all digital needs. Too bad Santa's bag wasn't big enough.

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So the PM-11S3 is being discontinued and replaced by the considerably more expensive PM-10?  Is that right?
They've gone over to the D(ark) side.  Wonder why the box is so large and heavy...
The heavier the case the better the sound 
It is class D . Should be lighter than past ref
I did not know it is a class D amp?
Where is described as such?
I read it on the link to Whathifi you posted
Marantz tells us the power amplifier section is built in a dual mono arrangement, with each channel powered from a dedicated supply. In a break from tradition, the power amplifier circuitry is Class D, but designed from the ground up by Marantz to deliver a suitably high-end performance.
I had never owned Marantz Reference. I was looking forward to try this series. It is a class D design a move away from previous design?
Yup.  AFAIK, previously they were just good ole class AB.  Time to pick up a PM11S3, methinks.

The Marantz Reference PM11S3 & SA11S3 is a bargain compared to the new Reference 10 Series.

Also look at the price point $9,000 MSRP for combination price Marantz PM-11S3 & SA-11S3.

Verse 6k more now replaced with Marantz Reference PM-10 & SA-10 @ $15,000 for inferior Class D technology and a step down sound ultimately.

The PM-11S3 & SA-11S3 is the winner and will be the classic  Marantz pieces audiophiles will want to keep.

Sorry to say the new Marantz PM-10 & SA-10 will be in the dog pound.


I listened tp the CDP. Second to none.
Just purchased a demo PM-10 @ 54% off retail. Have a Marantz SA-11S3 sacd player to match up with it. Looking forward to the the by, I think the MA9S2/SC7S2 will be the classic Marantz people may desire in the future.  I am not selling mine anytime soon....

That's cool. If I had the means I would grab a PM-10 in a heartbeat. The class-d amp I'm using now is excellent. I'm confident Marantz ha made an excellent class-d amplifier. I look forward to you impressions. 

I'm also more than a little envious that you have the MA9S2/SC7S2 combo as well. Enjoy all that great gear.


tom1040, I have been considering selling my SC-7S2 and getting the PM-10 so I will be looking forward to reading your impressions.


an update on this thread?

Happy Listening!

geared4me, What amp are you using with the SC-7S2?  I think that pre is really good and I do not intend to ever sell mine.  If you could find the MA9S2 mono blocks I would think that would be the way to go.  However, I will receive the PM-10 this weekend and look forward to hearing how it sounds on my JBL 4365 speakers.
I heard a Marantz PM-10 a couple of weeks ago.  Thought it sounded incredible.

Powerful, clear, realistic & none of the Class D affectations that forced me to sell my Devialet 250 Pro.

I’d like to hear more before diving in, but on that listening I’d say it’s in another league to the Devialet.

I want one!
Anyone had the opportunity to compare with the previous reference series, that are Class AB designs?
Especially with the PM-11S1 and SM-11S1, that are separates power amplifier and preamp.