Hi guys, I have been always curious about Marantz reference series but i had never had the chance to try it.
I came across today of this new series coming out in January. A friend of mine that went to Munich told me that they were amazing sounding units together. Only black finish in the US.

I have the feeling that this combo will be in the must have this coming year for many of us!
Kind regards and happy new year.

I have the PM-15S2b integrated and SACD player and would love to have this beast with 200W/channel and matching SACD player that can  handle all digital needs. Too bad Santa's bag wasn't big enough.

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So the PM-11S3 is being discontinued and replaced by the considerably more expensive PM-10?  Is that right?
They've gone over to the D(ark) side.  Wonder why the box is so large and heavy...
The heavier the case the better the sound 
It is class D . Should be lighter than past ref
I did not know it is a class D amp?
Where is described as such?
I read it on the link to Whathifi you posted
Marantz tells us the power amplifier section is built in a dual mono arrangement, with each channel powered from a dedicated supply. In a break from tradition, the power amplifier circuitry is Class D, but designed from the ground up by Marantz to deliver a suitably high-end performance.
I had never owned Marantz Reference. I was looking forward to try this series. It is a class D design a move away from previous design?
Yup.  AFAIK, previously they were just good ole class AB.  Time to pick up a PM11S3, methinks.

The Marantz Reference PM11S3 & SA11S3 is a bargain compared to the new Reference 10 Series.

Also look at the price point $9,000 MSRP for combination price Marantz PM-11S3 & SA-11S3.

Verse 6k more now replaced with Marantz Reference PM-10 & SA-10 @ $15,000 for inferior Class D technology and a step down sound ultimately.

The PM-11S3 & SA-11S3 is the winner and will be the classic  Marantz pieces audiophiles will want to keep.

Sorry to say the new Marantz PM-10 & SA-10 will be in the dog pound.


I listened tp the CDP. Second to none.
Just purchased a demo PM-10 @ 54% off retail. Have a Marantz SA-11S3 sacd player to match up with it. Looking forward to the the by, I think the MA9S2/SC7S2 will be the classic Marantz people may desire in the future.  I am not selling mine anytime soon....

That's cool. If I had the means I would grab a PM-10 in a heartbeat. The class-d amp I'm using now is excellent. I'm confident Marantz ha made an excellent class-d amplifier. I look forward to you impressions. 

I'm also more than a little envious that you have the MA9S2/SC7S2 combo as well. Enjoy all that great gear.


tom1040, I have been considering selling my SC-7S2 and getting the PM-10 so I will be looking forward to reading your impressions.


an update on this thread?

Happy Listening!

geared4me, What amp are you using with the SC-7S2?  I think that pre is really good and I do not intend to ever sell mine.  If you could find the MA9S2 mono blocks I would think that would be the way to go.  However, I will receive the PM-10 this weekend and look forward to hearing how it sounds on my JBL 4365 speakers.