Magic Moments in listening

More than  thirty years ago, back in about 1980 or so I owned IMF 30's and an Arcam Integrated Amplifier.
During the Blizzard of those years, I listened to Kenny Loggins a bit. No drugs, but a bit of Kentucky Bourbon, I listened to Angiligue, a song on one of Kenny's popular albums. The mix was a cross between magic and studio, showing the best of imagination and audiophile wishes. The result was incredible, enduring and fun for all who listened to this. I listened intently, without agenda, and fell in love during that time, loving both the mix, AND Kenny, who was literally magic to me during that winter. This music was so revealing and wonderful, I've lived in those moments for years. Thanks to Loggins and his magical mixers for this wonderful work... I'll never forget.

I so love hearing people to whom music means so much speak of those "special" songs, the ones that are deeply felt and personal. I have such songs, the ones that take you back to a particular period in your life, or that briefly, for the length of the song, take you out of this world, into eternity. For me one such song is "God Only Knows", written by Brian Wilson and recorded by The Beach Boys for the very nostalgic Pet Sounds, Paul McCartneys favorite album. The album fades out with the sound of a train far off in the distance, it’s metal wheels clattering down the railroad tracks, a dog barking in response. That is very evocative to me, as I faintly remember waking to that sound as a very young child. I respond to it the same way I do when reading Mark Twain---of a time that has past, but is eternal.
Eva Cassidy "People Get Ready" from Live at Blues Alley. Recorded shortly after she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. When she sings "I'm getting ready" I lose it every time on cue. 

Lara Fabian, 'Broken Vow', sung by many, owned by her, it's writer.
Beautiful voice, woman, lyrics. Easily found on YouTube. 
Also, 'Caruso'.... magic.

Your selection of 'God Only Knows' is perfect for me too. That's the opening and closing of 'Love Actually' a wonderful movie about love.
Terrific choice!!!!

What a great thread. For me too there have been magical moments suspended in time. Eva's live track of "People Get ready" is perhaps my all time favorite.
One of the oldest albums I own and still in good condition, despite the miles and the various TT's it's spun on is the double one from The Pentangle.

Folk, jazz, and trad.  "Sweet Child" is usually the first thing that any new TT or cart gets welcomed to at it's new home.  A piece that still invokes 'long ago and far away' for me, and always will.  And it only sounds good in vinyl, although this:

...gets the gist of it....the highs get clipped badly, pity....
Eva !
when she sings
i am ready

Ignore the lame cartoon....find something else to look at...*S*
Great thread BTW
thanks for starting it

Most of my magic moments in listening are while I'm driving.  I keep my iPod in shuffle mode and some tune I haven't heard in ages will come on and knock my socks off.  Maybe I need to hook it up to my home system once in a while.
I’m a rank newbie, but here goes..

Folk :
Eva Cassidy is way up there on my list. I’m into folk quite a bit, and Waylin Jennies sometimes.

Rock :
Recently listened to Eric Clapton (Unplugged) - just awesome acoustics.

World :
I’ve been listening to african and world sounds (mostly via putumayo) - "Reggae from around the world", "Maali" are awesome acoustic recordings.

There are some CDs in my collection that scare me, they’re so good I’m scared I don’t have the preparation to sit down and listen..  Example. by a band called Red Tail Ring "Fall Away blues".. its a haunting album (Eva Cassidy used to occupy this pedestal once).

There’s a turkish one with Sufi music.. Its there sitting among my 100 odd CDs I’ve only listened to it once.. Scary good, literally.