Amplification for Magico V2 please help

Hi everyone,

I am trying to find the amplification for my Magico V2, I am currently looking at the naim 202/200 combo or the Simaudio i-7. What's your opinion? Or are there other better options as far as amplification, my budget roughly around 4k. Thanks for your help!
Hi Garrettni,

My only advice would be high-current amplification. The Magico will use and (depending on your room/requirements) may require serious current to drive well. More so than one would think just by looking at them.

if you are prepared to go second-hand, i would look at Gryphon, older Krells (FPB). good luck! Tremendous speakers!!!
Seriously. If you have that class of speaker then you need to find a good dealer and start listening to some amps.