Lp listing...Click

Again, I pulled up an ad for multiple lps for sale. Again, the listing is all but unreadable. What's wrong with putting each album on its own line? If I have to weed through "free form" writing, the next sound I hear from my mouse is "click".
Here, here, amen to that. Make's no sense at all listing them that way.
I was just thinking the same thing when I saw that ad. I TOTALLY agree. Quite a few of us will just skip past those ads, so it would be in the seller's best interest to clean the ad up. How long could it take to edit the ad...a few minutes?
it's either general laziness or the idea that since we read left to right, it's to force the person to read through every time because, unless you are illiterate, the ads can be read (but I would admit that it takes some concentration). would I prefer each on it's own line? of course.
Perhapsyouarenotthecustomerthatthesesellersarelookingfor. Goodluckincorrectingthisproblem.
If someone is selling a bunch of lps, I for one would just like to see the whole list so I can order them at one time and not 'remember' that this seller is the same person who had something else I wanted....so click away... I click away from 'obo' ads where the 'price' is a starting price and not a top price. So to each his own!
Don't blame the seller! For some reason, there is a current problem with listing multiple items on one audiogon ad. I know, I tried it, and, though I listed each item on separate lines with a space between the lines, it came up in one continuous string. I fooled around a bit and found a way to list the items line by line, but it is a difficult and cumbersome process.
Help, audiogon!
Hey, if it's an Audiogon problem, no big deal. However, this isn't the only one I've seen like that and not all of them are recent.
I have had the same problem - the Audiogon listing engine wouldn't recognize normal carriage returns in the INITIAL placement of my ad. I tried a few times - even inserting the HTML tags for "br" and "p" to force a return and neither one of those would work either.

The only way to make the ad readable was to first list the item incoherently - and then later, in the EDIT mode, correct the problems.
Its not the sellers fault. I have list several auctions here on audiogon, and lately when you even double space to start a new line to list an album, for some reason the whole ad runs together. best thing to do is _______ and start the next title of the lp, until audiogon gets it fixed.