Integra DHC-80.2 Audio Mode Click

Likely a long shot. When my DHC-80.2 pre/pro clicks through different audio modes seems to have a loud clicking sound. For example, when a BRD is played, there are various audio formats for the previews and feature. When the device detects the different formats (stereo, Dolby D, etc) the clicking seems overly pronounced. I had a DTR-80.2 Receiver which did not make these sounds.

Like I said, a long shot but it's troubling.
Check to see if there is a software update. My onkyo reciever had one and the clicking was reduced alot.
I don't own an 80.3 but have read in several reviews about this clicking and that it is normal. However google around the AVS forums and see if what they are describing is the same. Kal sometimes posts here and has an 80.2 which he also reviewed so he may be able to confirm. You should also call Onkyo/Integra If you are concerned
Yes. They click but I am not bothered by it.