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New Rega Planer 8 (P8) Turntable - Apheta 2 Cartridge Combo - Thoughts
Fsmithjack, Not being there and hearing your set up, my comments are obviously speculation.  I say misguided precisely because of the break-in.  Apheta 2 definitely takes > 50 hours and is also very sensitive to VTF.  Sounds dynamic early on bu... 
New Rega Planer 8 (P8) Turntable - Apheta 2 Cartridge Combo - Thoughts
You didn’t let the Apheta 2 break in.  Takes a fair amount of time.  Having experience with Rega and other brands and also high end streaming, I think your conclusion is misguided.  
Vintage DD turntables. Are we living dangerously?
Fleib, how would you know I have a better test record?  Maybe mine is worse?  Many components to sound and I didn't comment on this.  In retrospect, it's still very hard in some cases to determine from graphs what are better results and I cannot a... 
Vintage DD turntables. Are we living dangerously?
Vintage DD turntables. Are we living dangerously?
Good to see my Well Tempered provides superior results to both the Victor and the VPI direct drive: 
Is no preamp really better that a good preamp?
Rustler, awesome system. If you like clarity, looks like you have optimized things with your amp/speaker combination. I don't think you will have a problem with a passive with your sources and certainly not with an autoformer.Vinnie Rossi makes th... 
Is no preamp really better that a good preamp?
Autoformers control the cable by optimizing the impedance relationship as one attenuates the signal. And most systems, even phono, don't need gain.A fair amount of care must be used, however, in matching sources and amplifiers (the coupling capaci... 
$7K to spend on new turntable + arm
Bpowers23, if you have issues with footfalls, invest in a good wall shelf. This will deal with the issue much better than any turntable design. 
EL34 quad for LM Audio 211
VTV (Vacuum Tube Valley) did a shoot out a while it or might be on audio asylum. I cannot remember where I read it. Might be useful. 
Thoughts on the First Watt SIT Amps
Brawny, you comment on bass from the SIT amp. Yet your Avant Garde speakers uses a plate amp with crossover ranging from 60-350hz. What do you mean by this? Thanks. 
Naim Nait 2/3 vs Linn Majik i
You want religion, you got it (lol). I would take the Nait 2, 3, or 3R any day.Still upset that I sold that Nait 3R a couple of years ago. Great amp...great value on the used market but rare in the USA where I reside.I like that these older amps h... 
the most underrated 33 1/3 in history?
Martha and the Muffins - This is the Ice AgeOne of my fav albums of all time. This album has everything. all came together on this album for Martha & the Muffin... 
Why no Danley fever?
You've got to supply your own that correct? 
Lightspeed Attenuator - Best Preamp Ever?
Sorry Pubul57...just went back and read your opening comment. You do indeed believe it is the best you have heard. That is quite a compliment given the equipment you have. 
Lightspeed Attenuator - Best Preamp Ever?
Concern is same is Gooddomino's issue. Highly sensitive speakers with an amp that has a lot of gain and/or also sensitive resulting in not enough attenuation.So which is better Pubul57...your EMIA autoformer or this Lightspeed?