B3/Hammond Organ - Key Click

Hey guys and gals - can you recommend a few great recordings where you can hear the physical key click of these instruments?

Thanks in advance


Check out Tower of Power - Knock yourself out, and Squibb Cakes

Chester Thompson is my no. 1 favorite


Also my no. 2 favorite - check out Brian Auger at 3 mins you get a great solo lasting more than two minutes!!


My number 3 is well known Booker T - check out his new Potato Hole but this is the song he is known for


BTW - I think  you are looking for the percussive effects from the b-3 and c-3 that can be added on the top keyboard (rather than "hearing the keys"). You will hear this in most jazz or funk. Here is an explanation


Obviously you won’t get that sound in church unless you hang out with Jake and Elwood


Excellent suggestions - thank you very much for these.  I appreciate you taking the time to pull this list together!

Technical input that might be of interest, though not providing exactly what Greg requested. This from my bro-in-law who is a talented musician (keyboards his forte) and studio owner (engineering, production, mastering). He’s in the AllMusic Guide for what that is worth. He owns a couple of Hammonds including a B3 that he refurbished. Safe to say he’s intimately familiar with how they work. His comments:

"Key click" and "percussion" are two different things. They are commonly confused with one another.
Key click was the result of an electrical contact being made when a note is depressed on the organ. Key click was considered a flaw and Hammond used frequency filtering to help suppress this.
There are ways to accentuate the key click by tapping directly out of the organ’s preamp and going straight into a mixing console or guitar amp. Organists like Keith Emerson, Jon Lord and many others utilized this sound.

Percussion was a design feature that was introduced in 1955 on the B3 and C3 models and then later it was available on most other models. The percussion effect is a set of four tabs on the top right of the console that when depressed, adds varying degrees of harmonic attack to the note. Sort of like when you strike a marimba or vibraphone. It is in no way like the sound of key click.
Ghosthouse - Thanks for this and please thank your BIL for me,  It was indeed the physical key click (electronic switch) that I was looking for.  I'll definitely have a look at his suggestions - Keith Emerson, Jon Lord etc.

I love this forum!

@gregkohanmim - 
You are very welcome, Greg.  Try Deep Purple in Rock...the track, Child In Time.  It might have some of the sound you are looking for.  Here's a version on YouTube...