How to handle Clicks and pops

I recently upgraded my Meridian 508.20 to 24 bit (Bow Wazoo integrated amplifier and Sonus Faber Grand Piano Speakers). Sometimes when listening to music, I get clicks or pops in the music (both left and right speakers). It does not happen all the time but I do not like it. What does this mean and what can I do to fix it? Could the problem be with the Meridian 24 upgrade? Could the problem be with the amplifier, speakers or CD's? Thanks
It's quite likely coming from your source.
Swap another source into the same input port, using the same cables to troubleshoot via process of elimination.
You need to clean your records!
Is this happening with a dig source or are you talking vinyl? I'm getting the same thing with my dig source and can't figure out what's causing it. Originally thought the tweeters were blown and replaced them. Then I swapped out speakers and still had same problem. Leaves only the source but can't understand why it's happening.
When i had my Meridian CD player system (500 transport, 566 DAC, 518 DSP) i would occasionally get the ticks and pops you are describing. I had to power everything down, wait a couple of minutes, then power up again and the problem was gone. If this doesn't work for you, or it keeps happening frequently, call your Meridian dealer or service person to make sure your upgrade is functioning properly.
Could this be a static charge/discharge? Are all components grounded?
Some CD's do have clicks and pops as part of the music, intentionally done for more of the analog feel. Make sure it is not the track you're listening to that is to blame, in which case, the noise likely won't do any harm to your speakers....
Thanks for the info. The pops and clicks are from my dig source (Meridian 508.24). I will check on the grounding and also on the CD's. If it continues, I will take the unit back to my Meridian Retailer as you suggested. cheers..
could be just the fridge switching on or off...
It could be the furnace, refrigerator, fluorescent lights (in another part of your domicile) being switched on and off. Check the CD, I have remasters that were done from very old records with all the pops and clicks inherent in the source. Keep working on it! You will find it sooner or later.

My friend had a problem like this. His output voltage from the DVD player he was using was too high for the pre.amp. input.