Loud pop when I use the turntable on/off button

I hooked up a new Manley Chinook phono pre-amp yesterday and when I press the turntable's on/off button I am getting a loud pop sound.The unit seems to be working,I need help with the on/off problem.I never had this problem with the Belles 120A that the Chinook is replacing.Turntable is VPI Classic One with Lyra Delos cartridge.
This topic has been discussed here many, many times. Just do some search for an in-depth discussion regarding this issue.

In a nutshell, the culprit is your Classic; you'd need to replace a capacitor in the motor to get rid of the pop. Or you can simply lower the volume all the way down or switch the input before you turn off the turntable. That's what I do.
Actusreus is absolutely right.
Change the capacitor across the on-off switch from the .001 microfarad installed to a .01 microfarad. That is also the recommendation from VPI. Worked great in my system, thump instantly gone, now I can turn it on/off at any volume. Just unscrew the trap door under the on/off switch, the capacitor is across the on/off switch with screw on insulated electrical connectors. I found it easier to take the platter off and then tilt the turntable on it's side on the carpet against the couch with the trap door at the top. I emailed VPI and they actually sent me the capacitor, but you can get it at any radio shack for less than a $.
Thanks for the very helpful advice.I will replace the capacitor.
Make sure that the capacitor you purchase is rated to withstand a high enough voltage. Assuming the rating is specified as WVDC (Working Volts DC), and assuming that you are in the USA or another country where the line voltage is around 120 volts AC, I wouldn't choose anything less than 400 WVDC, to assure long-term reliability.

-- Al
I wonder if VPI has fixed this problem in production yet? They have known about it for years now. The part is very cheap.
I am considering the same phono pre-amp. I too own the Classic. Would love to hear your thoughts on the Manley unit!
I have the same issue with my Herron & VPI Classic combination and I simply turn the volume down before switching off the table. Of course replacing the Cap is an option as well.
I have a transrotor fat bob TT with the same issue. I just flip the mute switch on my LAMM preamp first. But why would a TT manufacturer not provide a capacitor that would avoid this in the first place?
Mine is dead silent (Ayre electronics)
Jyprez, if it pops when you turn it on, it needs to be fixed. I am sure the manufacturer intended for a cap to be there!
My new C1 with my Zesto Andros PS-1 is dead quiet when turning on / off the table with the volume up.
Hello Bank738,
Sorry about taking so long to respond but I have been putting in extra time at work this past week.So far I have put about 8 hours on the Chinook so have a ways to go before it is broken in.I have played a variety of music and have been very impressed with the unit.Super quiet with wide,tall and deep soundstage,well-defined bass and very good detail retrieval.It is significantly better than the Belles 120A it has replaced.