"Loom" cabling vs. 'mix n match' ?

I want to use a new set of cables for my awesome Moon 780D DAC v2 - - including a power cord, an AES/EBU input from the Moon 260D Transport,  and  RCA IC's (into a Shindo Giscours preamp).  I've read good things about Acrolink-Mexcel, Shunyata, Nordost and Purist among others.  But is there an advantage to using the same manufacturer for all cable types in and out of the Moon ?  Or might the cumulative effect be too much of a good thing which would be better improved by intermingling brands ?
Dr. John
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I am for the mix and match. They do sound different, and finding which one sounds best where is part of the enjoyment of owning better cables. I do currently own only two brand/models of IC cables. But that is after years of having several. 
Same thing with power cords. Moving them around to find where each excels. 
If I had only one kind. my system sound would be poorer for it.
I used to be of the mindset that a "loom" set from one supplier was best, going down the ever widening rabbit hole of Nordost cables.

Finally woke up, sold the lot and read a little more and started to mix and match depending on what component and what "tonal" effect I might be trying to achieve.

Never looked back and definitely better off for it sonically and financially!

Would you mind sharing a bit of your path? I like Nordost a lot but my wallet doesn't like it so much.
you mean my current cabling ?  it's nothing serious, as I'd been playing a Wadia one-box S7i since 2009.  It's a discarded Audience power cord (hand me down from a friend who since ascended to the Vivaldi stack), a DH Labs 110 aes/ebu ($89) and siltech IC's also given to me. My new DAC deserves much better and I'm eyeing a loom of Acrotec-Mexcel wires because they're made of very very pure metals. I have their phono-cable 8N something which is the best cable in my system. Amp is a VAC Phi 300 amd speakers, Wilson ophia 3's.  I've been building up to this system since I was 28 when I built a Heathkit.  I'm 74 now. 

With all Nordost I found the sound was a little thin and lean although very detailed.

First area I started with was speaker cables replacing Purple Flare with Western Electric tinned copper cables.

I still really like Nordost digital cables, the Heimdall 2 spdif was an amazing cable but the analog and speaker cables combined left me a bit cold.
For the IC to the pre I'd suggest either Shindo's Silver IC or Auditorium which hopefully you already have between your Giscour and Amp. As far as the "digital" cabling I use a Wireworld Platinum USB and have been happy with it but haven't played around with others so can't compare.
Would you mind sharing a bit of your path? I like Nordost a lot but my wallet doesn't like it so much.
Don't be cheap :-).  You will be rewarded.  
I like to mix and match also.A clean and clear cable between the pre and amp,a slightly sweet cable from dac to pre,and sweet/fast speaker cables.Still experimenting with digital cables.
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Use all Purist for the best sound i use Dominus but the cheaper ones are also great.