Looking for the next best thing? Underground welco

I would like to know if anyone can recommend any loudspeakers that are so called off the beaten path. I am very aware of the Zu and Gallo and B&W and JmLab and Vons and Ushers and Hyperion etc, and would like to know if you could recommend the next best thing in technology advancement that most people have not written so much about. Its obvious that the flavor of the month club is always writing about the current best thing. I am looking for interesting new technology that is not so written about and your underground types that may be the next greatest. Thanks>> Bill
I wonder what is better, the next best thing, or prooven tried and true performance.......time for my meds!
There is a speaker builder that posts here. His moniker is Audiokinesis. He has a speaker called the "Jazz Module" which uses the waveguide technology. As far as being revolutionary or underground you can define that. When I listened to them they sounded very good. Duke is also a very good human being.
How underground does it have to be?

Totem has some great speakers. The Aerial 7B is very nice. Maybe those aren't underground enough for what you're after--I don't know.

The smallest monitor by Induction Dynamics is excellent, so it may be worth listening to some of their larger models, but I've personally only heard their monitor.

Intuitive Design Summits are phenomenal, and I own them, and have posted a lot about them.

There are SEVERAL other brands that people post favorably about, but which I have not heard personally.

It remains my personal opinion that personal listening is a MUST prior to purchasing loudspeakers. If you buy anything without first listening for yourself, you may be in for a painful surprise. I say this based on having gotten excited years ago about an "underground" company that made expensive speakers. They looked great on paper and in the pictures. Listening in person was an entirely different story--they were hugely disappointing.
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My Cerious Technologies speakers (Too/bass) are pretty off the beaten path, but use ballistic ceramic cabinets compression wrapped in Kevlar, and are pretty exceptional at the price.
Well, they don't boast new technology, radical drivers, or new age psychobabble, but Montana loudspeakers can be considered off the beaten path. These are excellent speakers that can compete with most anything out there in their respective price classes. Great drivers, great enclosures, top class xover parts and competent implementation of all these things make for a highly involving musical experience.
Bose. Resistance is futile!
Zu Definition Mk2's are being released Aug. 15th
Closest thing new being released I can seem to find
Thanks so much and please kkep your thoughts coming. I had the Totem Hawks and they were truily outstanding. I was just curious in that I have just purchased Mark and Daniels Rubys, and they are not main stream and they have brand new technology as well. Anybody know about the SP technology line? Wave? They are offering a new mini version of the Timepiece that is reasonable and has the new technology?

Danish 'System Audio' makes excellent speakers! In particular, the Explorer and SA2k models are worth a listen.

You might visit Selah Audio and see what they are cooking up.I believe that they are within driving distance???
Here is one I keep babbling about--Daedalus Audio. I've been using the DA-1's for the past year and a half and continue to feel they are something very, very special. Lou is about finished with a new "audiophile" line with pinpoint imaging that will include a large stand mounted monitor and a flagship floorstander called the Ulysses. I understand in talking with Lou that there are numerous refinements in the new models that will also be applied to the existing "whole house"/HT line consisting of the DA-1 and DA-2. Personally, the thought of an improved floorstander with more focused imaging has me batty waiting for my pair to be built. Not sure if Lou's designs qualify as "next best thing" technologically but he does approach the design and build process in a unique fashion with extraordinary results.
Hi Joman,

Thanks for the kind words. I think some extra keystrokes may have crept into your last line - perhaps what you meant to say was "Duke is also a human being."

I have one pair of my speakers in the basement right now, so does that qualify as "underground"??

Also, I'm advertising 'em here and at Audio Circle - that alone probably qualifies 'em as "underground". The "innovative" part - well, I'd probably need to hire a better marketing department before I could get that claim to really stick (though I think the claim is at least made in my propaganda). If nothing else, my designs are off the beaten path a bit.

Well if Montana speakers are off the beaten path then I must suggest the Vandersteen Quatro and 5A speakers, no baffle, time and phase correct, powered woofers and 11 band bass tuning to maximize most room situations.
When you stack all of that into one real world priced speaker then I think that fits just fine into the off the beaten path suggestions.

Fertin- fieldcoil drivers in open-baffle.