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Int. Amplifier with Focal 807W Speakers
Check out a Musical Fidelity M6 500i. Loads of detail, volume control with .5 db steps, and bass that reproduces an upright bass in a very realistic presentation. Not in the component of the month club. At 500 watts it would grab ahold of your Foc... 
Strong US$ ... Gryphon ...
I haven't but at .88 to the Euro I would.I have coveted a Diablo for a very long time. 
AMR DP-777, what am I missing ?
I own the DP 777. The cabling and USB could add a smidgen more detail and decay but you are not going to replace the organic nature of analog. Unless your willing to spend much much more. The AMR sounds good and is real convenient for computer aud... 
DAC: high quality USB + preamp $5000
The AMR DP 777 would fit the bill. The preamp isn't to bad either. I use the DAC not the preamp. I have listened to the preamp but prefer my integrated. 
Preamp for monoblock BAT amps
I had a pair of BAT VK 55 mono's and used several BAT pre's and was never really happy until I used Ralph's MP 3 with the updated regulator and Teflon caps. Then everything opened up. Bass was more palpable midrange was clear and cymbals sparkled.... 
Experience with AMR DP-777
I received the same notice. Pricing was suggested at $1500 with a possible slight uptick. At this point in time I am disappointed, the update is a year late, is twice as much as originally suggested , and the price still isn't locked in. Not sure ... 
year end best of list...the "Bones"
The New Basement Tapes is a keeper. Quite an ensemble. I saw St. Paul and the Broken Bones late night on Conan. Made me set right up in bed wondering who that white guy was. Guys got range.I want to check out Jenny Lewis and Tweedy. 
Do You Have a Favorite Disk to Set VTA/SRA?
Man, I'm sure glad adjusting arm height, VTA/SRA on every LP isn't considered part of the lunatic fringe. 
has BAT priced itself out of the market?
I sold all my BAT gear when you had to join the $7000.00 club to be a member. They are not unique in pricing. When the Italian company bought ARC there was an interview with the head designer and he stated that the market had moved into the "luxur... 
Experience with AMR DP-777
The SE update has been discussed for over 6 months and AMR has failed to deliver. By that I mean, it has yet to ship. They say the capacitors are still being manufactured. If anyone has any more information than that please pass it on. Inquiring m... 
CSNY 1974 ..... pretty perfect
I bought the CD box set on the day of release and highly recommend the music. I also checked out the vinyl package and figured that was was to many fun tickets for what was offered. I wouldn't place blame on any one person for the cost of the LP's... 
Walking Into A Brick & Mortar High End Audio Store
Roxy54; your response would have been much more effective had you deleted the last 2 sentences. 
Green and Clapton
Another Peter Green /Fleetwood Mac is "In Chicago" great blues with some Chicago bluesman. 
Any opinions on the AMR Digital Processor 777 Dac?
The AMR distributor in the states told me the SE upgrade would ship toward the 3rd week of June. 
Experience with AMR DP-777
I would be very interested in your perceptions regaurding the upgraded DP 777. I am considering the SE update as well. Would like to hear from folks who have gone the SE route.I have no experience rolling tubes in the AMR. There is a long thread o...