Looking for small monitor for small room

I have a nad 3130 that I’d like to get a small stand mount speaker for. The room is 10x 9 and very lively. Any suggestions for speakers. I’ll see if room treatments can be used.
Seriously, I would check Craigslist in your area first. If you see a brand name you like, do a little research on them. Keep in mind your amp is 30 wpc because that will be a factor in choosing speakers. Also check US Audiomart. They do have some selection in your price range. If you can wait to save another say, $150, your choices and quality of speaker will go up significantly.
The NHT 1.5I’s is one you should seek out. Excellent value for the money and brings the musical goods. Put them on solid stands and enjoy. 

There are a couple Silverline Minuets on US AudioMart near your price.  Great little speakers that don’t need high-end electronics to sound great.  Best of luck. 
I took a chance on these, for my office system, similar size room as yours.

I use them with a self-powered sub, they are terrific, true bookshelf size, no ports



I have a perfect triangle, with the monitor in the center of my desk, wonderful imaging as center is phantom anyway.
Keep an eye on the Audiogon marketplace. $350 used can purchase a $700 speaker that is not to old.
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The NAD 3130 is a 30wpc amplifier I believe. If I am correct you will need a speaker that is not to difficult to drive. With the small room, I would be more concern with impedance aspect than sensitivity. That said, I would look for a speaker not being lower than 87dB sensitive.

The Silverline Minuets suggested by Soix would be a good choice. 

There are several candidates between $350 and $500 offered on  AG now to be considered, a PSB, a Wharfedale, a Triangle (new), several Monitor Audio. A great thing about buying small standmount speakers used is that, if bought at the right price, they can be resold fairly reasonably without much loss. Keep the original packaging. 
Thankyou all for your comments. I’ve had the minuet supreme plus and liked them but liked the linn kan series 1 better. There is so much out there now in the 500 price range. Without going to a store or show it’s vert fdifficult.