looking for flat speaker cable to go under carpet

I need a long flat speaker cable ( 7meters) to go under my living room carpet. My current cable is too bright.Can anyone recommend a reasonably -priced  neutral cable that would suit? Most Nordost products are flat but too expensive for my budget.Would like to do this for under $600.
REGA FSC QUATTRO speaker cable -- Highly recommended at its price point.

The FSC Quattro can be split down the middle into two pairs of single runs; or.... left as-is for either bi-wiring. bi-amping or  a double run in shotgunned ..... it's still readily available on EBay or direct from UK on a pay as-you-go per meter reasonable price.  (unterminated or terminated) 



Goertz Alphacore Veracity


7M terminated prices out at $684 slightly above your budget for a very nice cable.
Alpha Core is now a subsidiary of Bridgeport Magnetics.  I have a pair of the mi-2 that I will sell very reasonably.  They are certainly not mint, but 100% functional.  You know that for certain amps Alpha Core recommends the use of a zobel network, which I have and would include.
I drove an amp into oscillation because I didn't know about the zobel network when I tried the Goertz.
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Goertz Flatwire is made for just your application.
Putting cables under a carpet you will pickup static and kill the sound.Good luck though!!