Best Blu-Ray ANALOG Output - Under $1000?

I am ready to buy a Blu-Ray player and am hoping to get a good CD playing boost in the package (currently I use a consumer-level Sony DVD as a transport with optical digital output to my NAD T770 which utilizes Burr-Brown 18 Bit DACs).

I know the Denon DVD-1800BD is a $500 player that utilizes twin 24Bit Burr-Brown DACs. Some of Sony's players (the new BDP-S360 as an example) also advertize as utilizing 24Bit Audio DAC (how many, what type??).

The Oppo option sounds like it could be a it would be great to add SACD capability as well...but when will it be released??

Please offer-up your opinions on any of the above or other hidden gems...Sony ES, etc. My priorities are great analog sound output 1st, up-to-date sound processing (seemingly changes weekly) second, SACD capability third, and internet streaming capability fourth (not required but would be nice).

Thanks for your help folks!

Well I haven't compared the units, but I already have the Oppo (by signing up on their mailing list). I can only assume they will have the general release in a month or so at the latest.
I'm also interested in responses to this question, including experiences with sound and image quality.

I own a Pioneer Elite BDP 95FD and I'm getting evenly spaced (vertical) thin red strips against any black background with Blue Ray movies. It's time to buy a second player so maybe suggestions for Mark will bail me out too.
Thanks guys...will continue to watch this thread.

What was the cost of the Oppo?

Many Thanks,

Another interested party here.

I heard and saw Denon's coming new flagship A1UD (bluray + SACD + DVD Audio, and why not) in Munich. Impressing, as far as you weren't trying to listen to music in one of the adjoining rooms, that is. However, presumable price-tag EUR 4k and release keeps being postponed.

I have been thinking of buying something up to $400, such as the Pioneer BDP-320 and add a good separate DAC for 2ch playback, used that could set me back another $400, I suppose. Any thoughts?

A few weeks back went in an audio/video retailer and spoke w/the owner, whom I have always found to be very honest and knows audio. (His audio history goes way back to the 60's.) He said the Sony Blue-Ray players have superb 2 ch. sound if you wish them to be your cdp. I had the opportunity to set up a little system for a friend whom bought a Sony B-R player and from my brief listening experience, I thought the cd sound was excellent. Go and buy one and give it a try. You will know first-hand if it meets your expectations.
Thanks - yes, there is always the buy-until-you-find something approach...but that tends to complicate marriage...Hah. I have a feeling the player does a fine job if it has 24-bit processing, but I also know the reputation of Burr-Brown processors is well-deserved.

Also like the intriguing idea above of utilizing an external DAC...will have to look into that.

I own three blu ray players
a PS3, Pioneer BDP05FD and just received my OPPO BDP 83

the ps3 loads quick, not that good of audio

Pioneer - great picture and sound - but load times, bd disc rejections, and time to eject a disc - way too long

oppo is a real winner, loads fast, unloads instantaneously
and sounds great. Only $500 haven't tried the dvd-a or sacd but that's an added plus for my ht setup (all in one)
cd's sound good but a stand along will sound better
blu rays sound great!
Is the OPPO ready for purchase now? Sounds like it could be a home-run. What are it's analog DACs?

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I bought on the first wave after the beta test - invite only

Ric Schultz EVS (of Millenium fame) may do a dac version
he does one for the lower end oppo dvd

email oppo and find out on the purchase timing

my pioneer is second fiddle these days
the oppo plays discs the pioneer rejects
Which one sounds better through the analog outputs the oppo or the pioneer.
I think you should look into the Pioneer BDP-09FD flagship universal player. High price of $2200 but have seen it for $1400-1500 online. 7.1 channel audio out, 8 Wolfsen audio DAC's running in dual mode(awesome) for every 7.1 channel, dual HDMI outs-1 for audio-1 for video, BD live ready with 4 gig internal memory, 48bit deep colour, Dolby True HD/DTS-HD, dedicated analogue audio power supply. 16 bit video processing chip. Check it out.......

Ive got the Pioneer bdp-05 and use the analogues out to CJ multi channel pre/amp.
It sounds awesome. Blurays in true dts-hd blow away my denon 5900 and it plays cds that sound almost as good as my primaluna8 tube cd player.
It can be had for 500$, mrp 899$
"Mwilliford (Mark)":

Or you could give the Pioneer BDP-51FD a try. I bought one almost three weeks ago. Superb picture and excellent sound. Load times could improve, but other than that, no complaints (so far). On the audio end, my player has Wolfson DAC's (which was one of the main reasons why I chose to get THIS particular player rather than get the newer equivalent...... the same DAC's that Arcam use in their TOL CD Players), which I feel contributes to the excellent sound quality.

It was a $600.00 player when it was released last year, but I got it for less than $300.00 on-line about three weeks ago (shipping included).

I will try playing CD's through mine as well just to see if it can play CD's as well as DVD's and Blu-Ray Discs. If that turns out to be the case, then all will be well. If not, then I will investigate on adding an inexpensive External DAC to supplement it (i.e. -- maybe a Cambridge Audio DAC Magic for around $400.00 or so).

Regards and Good Luck.....

both the oppo and pioneer sound great with 24/96 material through the audio outs (arcam avr350 - salk V3 speakers)

cds not as good as my Audio Research CD2 on my main system

I ordered a dac magic for that wadia ipod doc and may try running the blu ray through it if it can handle it (not sure)

the pioneer is a great player in audio and video but really is substandard in handling discs and load times

Oppo all the way!
Thanks to everyone for all the good feedback. I wish I were not tainted by the old days of Pioneer...looks like a nice option. I'll wait a bit longer and see if the Oppo comes out. Otherwise I need to get over the stale Pioneer stigmas of the past.

I got my oppo yesterday.
Letting it run in a bit. Will post thoughts.
Another feature that it offers is a pair of usb inputs. I can get uncompressed files from a flash drive into the oppo and out to my benchmark dac (I have the old one without usb input).
All in all, a pretty nift feature set but it will need to run a while. And I suspect that I will have to run in the stereo and multi ch analog outs seperatly.
Looking forward to your reports. What brand/type are the audio DACs in the OPPO?

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The dacs are:
D/AC: Two-channel Cirrus CS4398 DAC for Discrete Stereo; Eight-channel CS4382A DAC for Multi-Channel Analog.

I will confess to not knowing what to make of that.

Impressions right out of the box: Redbook via the analog stereo output is listenable but lean relative to the digital output from the player to a benchmark dac1. But I will try and run it for a week as full time as I can and report back.
Thanks for the report back Jimmy. Do you know the speed/bit-rate of the Cirrus DAC's?

Also, any experience with SACDs on this player or in general?

Kind Regards,

I don't have much exp with sacd.but I have a few around.
Are you curious about sacd via hdmi, having the oppo convert to analog or both?

All I have done so far is let the stereo dacs run for a few sounds pretty good on red book. I still prefer my benchmark dac but the oppo is quite listenable already.
SACD converted by the otherwise I would not have this capability in my set-up.

Thanks for your help.

Mwilliford -
I think that there are some professional reviews forthcoming from people with better ears and much more experience than me.
I was not blown away by the analog outs on any format. To me, the player's nich is that it does everything. And does it well FOR THE PRICE. Meaning, if you are shopping for a $400 SACD player it is worth a listen but if you are trying to get $2k worth of sacd for $400 I think that you might be dissapointed.
I will be keeping mine for blu ray (worth the price for that alone if you are into Blu ray), and it's capabilities as a transport both for redbook to a benchmark dac and for dvda/sacd via hdmi.

The below is from's reviewer, Dr. Bill Gaw. This is the first of the Oppo reviews I've seen which references a hi-end player and contradicts your statement:

"The 7.1 analog outputs on my still not completely broken in unit is excellent, matching the sound I've been getting from my $6000 list Esoteric DV-60 DVD/SACD player. Although I could not do instant evaluation of both, having only one multi-channel input on my pre-pro, the OPPO and Esoteric units were so close as to be indistinguishable to me. Interestingly, stereo CDs played through the 2.0 analog outputs allowed more ambiance information to come through than the 7.1 outputs".

I have a unit on the way and will give it a spin when it gets here.

My Oppo has shipped as well, should be in the system for next Tuesday music session.

It's a steal at the price it sells for and I'm still working on getting the new Pioneer Elite BDP-09FD and will compare and post comments when I have both available and broken in.
Kenobi -
That was what I meant by "better ears and more experience"...

The really ironic thing for me about that review is tha tI was considering trying a DV-60. Maybe Dr. Gaw would let his go cheap.

The OP asked about best blu ray analog output under $1k. My vote is for the oppo on that basis certainly.

And in all honesty, its sound is still changing in my system so I should really just withhold comment till it runds in for a few more weeks. But then I would have to go back to work...
I've really liked the oppo
but on a few movies I've noticed my blacks not as intense as with my pioneer
it's an off again on again issue
I'm using a Pioneer Kuro 141 which usually is stunning blacks

anybody else?
Have you messed with the myriad of adjustable settings on the oppo for picture?
I tried using the calibration disk that came with it and after about 5 minutes decided that I was just not a videophile...