Looking for a great el34 based amp

I'm Looking for a great el34 based amp. Easy to bias a plus.

Anyone recommend a really great unit?

Not sure what your price range is, but you can use the search funtion at the beginning of the page and type in "el34" and that will show you a few amps that use el34 tubes.

Quicksilver uses el34 tubes, but not sure if you are interested in those.

There are also a pair of Wolcott monoblocks ( 5k )for sale that use el-34's.....

What speakers do you plan on using ?
Marantz 2's. :)

Just two problems -- availability and price.

-- Al
My speakers are Speakerlab DAS3's they are a large bookshelf, 6-1/4" midbass and a vifa tweeter,8 ohm on stands.
I'm running them with a B&W 600 powered sub.
Audio Space AS-3i. Bias controls on the top panel. Small footprint FWIW, cute-looking, responds nicely to tweaks. Has front-panel feedback control and triode/ultralinear switch.

The Rogue Cronus is another interesting option, a little more power, a little more expensive.
Oh ya,

Class A preferred.
I notice Quicksilver mid monos,But I have no Idea what they're like.

I don't want a tube amp that sound like really good solid state.

I want the real life liquid sound of tubes. Ive never heard really good vintage tubes,but thats most likely what Im looking for. I like older sounding solid state amps,like the Accuphase P-300

I dont like bright amps, I like darker sounding amps with good detail.

I wonder if there are any current makers that copied the old classic designs, like the Marantz stuff thats so popular?

just some rambling thoughts....
The AES AE-25 Superamp, made by Cary, is a great sounding, versatile amp that can use EL34, KT88 and 6L6 tubes and is auto-biasing. It puts out 25 watts in ultralinear mode and 15 in triode. I own it and have also owned the Rogue Cronus. If you need the extra power of the Rogue it's a fine amp and it's easy to bias but I prefer the AE-25.
rogue cronus
Cary V12.

A used Music Reference RM9 - I think one of the best EL34 based amps ever made - but not "euphonic" - for that I would try an older Conrad Johnson like an MV50.
hi, one of the best el 34 amps I have ever heard was the conrad johnson premier 11 . warm , lush, huge soundstage and can be had for around 1200 dollars these days. if you dont mind not alot of really deep bass or super reaching highs, it had one hell of a reach out and touch it midrange. fantastic amp. good luck chrissain
Quicksilver, CJ, and Music RFeferece all make/made great EL34 based products.
Audiomat Arpège and Prelude Reference, both more expensive than the two I recommended above. Not Class A AFAIK but don't let that stop you giving all these guys a listen, hee hee. The Audiomats won't let you bias them easily. Instead, as I understand it, the distributor notes your bias setting and sells you tubes picked for it when you need them.
If you'd care to step up by using mono blocks that step will prove itself a noteworthy one indeed.

For a SET like sound with some horsepower, the Thor PA 30 or later monos are incredible.... Made exceptionally well, but no maker support. Can be had now for a song though, comparitively speaking vs. orig costs. I've heard these amps and fell in love at first listen.

The next step up performance wise would be their bigger bros, the PA 60's. Ultralinear Oh my gosh performance.

you've got to look into Gary Dodds 120 MK II monos, also running in ultralinear. I own these amps with the cap upgrades and enjoy them immensely. they hold bias well, are extremely quiet and will drive most speakers. Very nice and the pair used goes from what I've seen as little as $1900, to $2500, with the cap upgrades.... NOW Gary is putting out a pair of them rated at still more power... 150 wpc... with more improvements.

Retubing costs for the above is cheap too as those costs go... 4 EL34s per amp, 3 mini tubes or so per unit as well... under $300 for quality tubes overall costs total.

Any of these will satisfy your goals... and then some perhaps.
Cary 120s or Thor TPA30 OR 60
Jadis is another great amp.
I might get one in the future.
One of the best IMHO.

Yeah, Dodd is also very nice as well as Consonance Cyber 800. My Cybers are modified and sound more like class A then Push-Pull. It is also auto-bias , needs no maintenance.
All of the above mentioned amps are good recommendations.

Matter of taste and budget I guess.

TAD-60 from Tube Audio Design. This has UL/Triode switch and the best feature ever for a small tube amp: Variable Global Negative Feedback. Also you can run this in a pseodo single ended mode where you bias one tube hot and one tube cold. This surely sounds weird but it has a nice result. I think versatility is the key word for this amp. I'm not associated with the company, just a very happy customer.
If you can find a pair of TPA 30 Thor monos..These are superb..Simple to use,Sound Awesome and are bulit to last......
look into the primaluna amps. i've got the 6's paired with genesis.....breathtakig. good luck
TAD-60 is a no brainer very good EL34 based amp. Very easy to bias. You can experiment with other output tubes as well. You can use it as a single source integrated also. Outstanding bass with EL34s. The TAD-60 is very versatile, very reasonably priced used, built like a tank and BTW is very musical.
Quick silver mid mono's,just a great pair of amps.

I ended up with Quicksilver mid monos, and I can't say enough good about them.

Talk about an open sound, WOW...

Great used prices too.


They seem very under rated.
McGarick, I don't think QS is underrated by many who have owned them. You'll find many folks owning them for years and possibly "upgrading" to their newer or more powerful products. Glad you like it, they should last you a long time too.

Congrats. Glad you like 'em.

Now ya can begin rolling EL34s to see which of those you like best.
I have, I really like the EH fat bottles 6CA7's. Kind of like a powerful 6L6 with the mids of the el34.

I have not rolled anything else in these amps yet.

I have a EE Minimax pre that mates VERY WELL with the Quicksilvers BTW.

I'm having a lot of fun with this set up. It's just freakin musical to no end.
My monos came with the SED Winge3d C 34s... I bought another matched set from AES in Az. I do like 'em a lot.

I've found the mini tubes (3 per block) do more for or to, the sound. As do tube rings there as well. On mine, I can mix these 3 tubes up, as long as the bottom of the triangle of tube (first stage output?) remain the same types.

The combinations and resultant sonic choices are plentiful. Primarily in terms of sound stage, speed and resolution though, not so much by way of timber.

Canary Audio CA-100 a great EL34 based amp.