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Anyone here with Magico A3 driven by Bel Canto Ref600's?
Magicos are not overrated, what you heard was obviously not set up right or matched to the appropriate gear, the Magico S5 we have on our floor are stunning sounding, and one of best speakers I have ever heard regardless of cost.   
The new Rogue pharaoh II slams
Update, I have now installed Rca clear top 12au7s and they offer greater clarity and bass punch over the gold lion I was using, the soundstaging is huge on some recordings which is super fun!   
The new Rogue pharaoh II slams
I cannot comment because I have changed both my speakers and my amp, I will say however that the Revel 228 with the m180 darks were a killer hit way above its weight class champs, the soundstage was very three dimensional and huge. The Jbl l100 75... 
The new Rogue pharaoh II slams
I read in another forum that someone thought the pharaoh didn’t have good bass at lower volume levels but I am experiencing the exact opposite, I don’t know if that was a problem with the mk1 vrs the mk2 that I just got  
The new Rogue pharaoh II slams
Unfortunately I did not, had already sold my amps and 228 revels, which I will have to say was a stunning combo and the best overall sound I have had at my house. The new jbl L100 don’t block my windows and I replaced 6 boxes with just one box wit... 
The new Rogue pharaoh II slams
I never thought in a million years I would like a class d amp, but here we are.   
The new Rogue pharaoh II slams
I am a big tube guy, and was actually able to compare the Pharaoh directly with Rogues own Cronus magnum 2 and the Marantz limited addition and the pharaoh is in a totally different league. The unfettered resolution and transparency made it sound ... 
Line Stage Preamps that blew you away $2500 Edition
Can’t recommend Rogue Audio highly enough, awesome sounding gear.   
Magico Customer service
kenjit, a Bugatti is just a car with a engine and some tires right? Your garbage analogies are just that, garbage.  Urbie, no matter how much you want it and wish for it, Monitor audio speakers do not sound as good as Magicos, sorry I have heard t... 
Revel F328Be's Have Arrived! / Contradicting Specs?
Another question, why would someone buy a 16k speaker, think they are mediocre, and then bring up that  they are made in China as way to degrade their perceived value? Wouldn't those issues prevented one from buying them in the first place? Sounds... 
Revel F328Be's Have Arrived! / Contradicting Specs?
Anyone who is not getting exceptional results from these speakers are either driving them with gear that's a poor match or they are not set up properly in their room, Details matter. The 228 is one of the cleanest, clearest, most effortless and co... 
Does anyone do off-axis listening as well as Magicos?
Eric, Revel speakers have some of the best off axis measurements in the industry regardless of cost. They blend their driver intergration better than most too.  
Bel Canto DAC3.5VB MK2
I  owned this dac, and a dac 3.7, it does digitize the analog signal, I used my dac as a pre amp with my turntable for years, even though the IDEA of it sounds wrong, the overall sound quality is very good. I auditioned many analog pre amps that a... 
Perfect speakers for audio Research Classic 30
What kind of music do you listen to? How large is the room? Floor standers or bookshelves? The new Revel F36 speakers are killer for 2k retail and are over 90db efficient.  I know multiple people who run revel and ARC to great results.  
I have been using the xshadows on my Reference cables for years with zero problems, they are simply the best sounding xlrs I have come across. Christopher Sain Sain line systems