Live infectious funk jams....quality recordings

Beyond Earth,WInd, and fire-Gratitude
Isley Bros-LIve
Gap Band-Gotta get up

what other live jams
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A lot of Phish shows from the fall of 97 contain many monstrous jams flavored with a healthy dose of space-funk. Some great stuff emerged on that tour. Every show they ever played is available for free (legally) on various trading sites in lossless quality, although the recordings are mostly amateur recordings done w/ mics from the audience. There are the occasional SBD recordings that circulate, but if you want those you might as well go to to buy them. They're constantly releasing new recordings that are reasonably priced considering how much music you get.
George Clinton, Funkadelic, Parliament, P-Funk All-stars.
Soulive on Blue Note
Brecker Brothers: Heavy Metal Be-Bop. Maybe not really Funk per say, but about as hot as they come.
Neville Brothers.
Sly and the Family Stone and James Brown
War Live!
Jimmy Smith's "Sagg Shootin' His Arrow"...first track off of the Root Down CD...
Phish - funk? Now, James Brown and the Famous Flames Live at the Appollo Theatre...that's funky! Otis Redding at the Monterey Pop Festival and an album live in Paris - oops! Guess I slipped into soul.

Gap Band Live - I gotta get that!!
James Brown - Love Power Peace
Commodores Live
Kool & the Gang - Live at the Sex Machine
Try Greyboy Allstars- Live This band has Karl Denson on sax
not sure about live recordings, but some funk jams I like that re not mentioned so far include

Lettuce, Poets of Rhythm, Liquid Soul,Calypso Kings, Breaksta, Zap Mama, Cold Blood
Liquid Souls' first two albums...Self Titled and "Make Some Noise". Both albums are a mix of studio and live and both are good recordings. They can be had at, pick up the self titled album, you won't be sorry. Groove on it for a few weeks then move onto "Make Some Noise".
The Meters
I second Jimmy Smith's Root Down, it is funky. Has some influences of War and Issac Hayes.
live funk' jazz jam....try TJ Kirk's "Yalking Only Makes It Worse." Will Bernard o gtr, John Schott on gtr, Charlie Hunter on 8nstrong gts (doubles on bass duties) and Scot Amendola on drums...they play songs byjames brown, thelonious monk, rahshaan roland kirk all on the same almbum, gettin down all th wya thru.
Check out TOP alumnus Doc Kupka's band; Dr. Funk, and the Strokeland Superband - Bumped Up To 1st Class. Authentic East Bay Grease, TOP style!!
Candy Dulfur Live at Montreaux. Steve
also blast from the past: The Blackbyrds
Graham Central Station : Ain't No 'bout a Doubt It
Track 1 - The Jam

I have a Japanese CD pressing of this which sounds slightly better than the other versions I have heard. For funkiness there is nothing (other than the Godfather himself) better!! It absolutely smokes....
speaking of the god favorite album of his is Funk Power 1970: Brand New Thang...longer jams, funky as hell, with none other than Bootsy Collin laying down th bass grooves.
How about shotgun?80s funk band kicked some serious butt.(imho) so many more.The meters is a good suggestion!
Got some quality jams ... Karl Denson was mentioned, solo, w/GreyBoy, and also KD's Tiny Universe. Lettuce, Eric Krasno from Soulive is a member. Anything from Galactic, even the new one! Skerik. Robert Walter solo (B3 kybd, is also in GreyBoy). Perpetual Groove. I'll come up with some more. I left the iPod at home today.
Got more funk jams .. Bernie Worrell (B3 from PFunk), Critters Buggin (more Skerik), Garaj Mahal, Jimmy McGriff,
John Popper Project, John Scofield, Karl Denson Trio, The Roots, Taj Mahal, Weather Report ... need anything else to get your groove going? All VG recording quality, and have the funk. Anything from the studio catalog is cool. Redbook CD's. You can get them used too and save a few bucks. Phish? Nawwww.
Try Steve Ferrone "More Head" and Tower of Power "Soul Vaccination" => two great sounding live albums and very funky. Ferrone really has the Groove and David Garibaldi needs no introduction.

Also try Black Eyed Peas "Vegas to Sydney" DVD - (perhaps there is a live CD I don't know) - the Sydney sessions are exceedingly well recorded and produced by Tal Herzberg...+ their touring drummer is Keith Harris....and he also has the GROOVE ....big time!
I third The Meters. Also highly recommend Rebirth Brass Band - horn funk.
How about Papa Grows Funk from New Orleans.
Henry you have good taste in music, and I bet it sounds fantastic on the systems you have listed.

I hear that Les Claypool is touring this spring and has Skerik and Mike Dillon in his group this time around. I saw both Skerik and Dillon with Charlie Hunter in Jan 2006 before Jam Cruise 4. Any jam cruisers here on Agon? You ought to check out one of the many music related cruises.

Lot's of funk on board the JC's.
Thx, Scrammm. I am into all kinds of music, and certainly Les Claypool is a killer bass player, Him w Skerik and Mike Dillon sounds very interesting indeed: Dillon is going to have to keep up with Les' antics!*
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band do a great cover of The Meters "Cissy Strut"...they are well worth checking out too for infectious funk - you won't be able to keep still I absolutely guarentee it!!
Shadorne .. you mean you get out of your listening chair and dance? OMG. Big smiles here. I see a lot of shows in the summer, I know the feeling.

The new Black Crowes "Warpaint" has a lot of soul to it. Luther Dickenson from North Mississippi All Stars is in the Black Crowes now.
Cymande - Masters of funk. This was re-released not too long ago and if you love funk, you'll love this. Been playing it heavily since I got it a few months ago.
Deep Banana Blackout ... Funk/Jam band from the early 90's. Jen Durkin (vocals) will be touring with the Mickey Hart Band this summer (2008). Lot's of P-Funk, James Brown influences here. "Release the Grease Live". Puts Ian Anderson to shame.
James Brown: Black and Proud
The Neville Brothers, " Live From Planet Earth"
Ivan Neville's Dumpstaphunk ... see them this summer 2008 at all the major festivals. Any Agon'ers going to any festivalllls? Thats the way they say it at High Sierra.

I'm way to old for some of these things. Having a bed is more important to me than being up all night.

All I can handle is going to Milwaukee Summerfest, Bastille Days, and working the shows at Alpine Valley Music Theater.
Another one: Papa Grows Funk from New Orleans
Ah almost forgot the great Christian McBride's Live at The Tonic..on both acoustic and electric jazz w/ Ron Blake, Charlie Hunter, Jason Moran, DJ Logic, Scratch etc.

Thanks for the suggestion - I've ordered it.
Maceo Parker - Life on Planet Groove. Maceo's always been funky, of course, but this one is the one to get, IMO.
kool, Shadorne, let me know if u like it
Maceo Parker - Live On PLanet Groove is awesome thanks Tdostert - amazing suggestion - really feels lke you are there
Flop Jonson "I loves to flop" 1966
I will second "Papa Grows Funk"

THanks 2 all! keep the funk coming!
recent aint live and its more boogaloo but still...Orgone.
Try some meters, maceo parker, soulive, galactic, poopa grows funk, kirk denson w/ wo/ tiny universe, live robert walter, graham central station,

dont for get go go , chuck brown
Nils Landgren Funk Unit "Live in Stokholm" and "Live in Montreux"
NILS LANDGREN funk unit - Licence to Funk - not live but an excellent recording and guarenteed to have you foot tapping. Great drumming by Wolfgang Haffner... Ray Parker on vocals I am pleased I got this one - solid throughout.