live dvd/v concerts

Love watching live dvd concerts on my big screen and 5.1.......problem is that many are sonically lousy Blues(Hall of Fame)......Some are GREAT! i.e.Eagles(HFO)....Steely Dan(2vN)...Sting....Natalie Cole....etc.....Anybody got any other good ones that they feel are sonically above-average?.....Or which ones to steer clear of?
Springsteen Live in Barcelona
Diana Krall Live in Paris
Coltrane and Dave Brubeck from the 60's TV jazz series.
Norah Jones Live in New Orleans
Roxy Music
Peter Gabriel Growing up
The Band's ''Last Waltz''............
James Taylor-Live at the Beacon Theater Very Nice!!!

Yes Symphonic Live and Peter Frampton Live In Detroit.
Try the Dream Theater concert from 2000, it sounds good.
Bela Fleck & the Flecktones Live at the Quick. All I can say is WOW.
Second- James Taylor Beacon
Try substitution your Moody Blues with 'Live at Redrock'

Springsteen's Live at New York City is good.
Sara K has one that will make your gear shine.
Not a live concert but an amazing musical event, Calle 54, the Latin Jazz Documentary.
Talking Heads: "Stop Making Sense."
One of my favorite all time concert dvd's is The Talking Heads: Stop Makin' Sense

I also really like is the Concert for Montserrat, recorded at the Royal Albert Hall. Awesome performances by Sting, Mark Knopfler, McCartney, Phil Collins, Clapton, Elton John...Mark Knopfler does Brothers In Arms with full orchestra, the wow factor is very high on this dvd! The sound quality is excellent!
I second Bela Fleck, after watching it I walked around the room by myself and said awesome! Besure you watch the video about the group first before you listen to the music. It gives you a better perspective of what the group is about. That Victor Wooten the bass player is unreal.
My favorites so far are:
Norah Jones “Live in new Orleans”
Concert For Goerge – Eric Clapton and Friends pay tribute to George Harrison
The Who- “Live at the Royal Albert Hall”
Allison Krause & Union Station Live
Talking Heads “Stop Making Sence”

I can't wait to try some of the above reccomendations, especially bela Fleck.
David Gilmour sounds great and is a great performance. Also try Don Henley, John Fogerty, to name a few

I second the Yes.

I really like the new King Crimson "Eyes Wide Open"
2 DVDs from 2000 & 2003.

Deep Purple w/Steve Morse "Total Abandon Live" is
great also.

The Wall - Live in Berlin , Roger Waters In The Flesh Live and Pink Floyd - Pulse. May be because I am a huge Pink Floyd fan, but these concerts are great to watch and to listen.
Rush - In Rio. Great playlist. Very good mix in Dolby Digital 5.1. Compared to the Eagles Hell Freezes Over DVD (which is sonically excellent, but different), this Rush DVD conveys more raw power and sounds more like you are at the show, not a perfect studio effort. The louder you play it, the fatter it sounds, and I mean that in a good way. Lots of fun, especially if you are a fan and have seen them live. Highly recommended! JZ
Attn. Videohydra, Is Pulse on DVD? I have it and "Quiet..." on VHS. Haven't seen these anywhere.
Thanks, Sonny
BOND LIVE, is the one that I have watched the most. Others:
Keiko Matsui
Acoustic Alchemy
The worst audio so far: David Bowie, Serious Moonlight
Attn. Iseekheils. Yes, Pulse is on DVD (NTSC DD 5.1). You can find one on ebay for around $30.00US. There`s is also PAL version.
Yeah, the audio is pretty bad on the David Bowie - Serious Moonlight DVD mentioned above. What a shame, that's a terrific show esp. if you are a Bowie fan! JZ
Dave Matthews Band ...The Central Park Concert..outstanding
Another vote for Diana Krall, "Live in Paris". The DTS track is great - why can't all concert DVD's be this good?
"Live in Paris" is a must, as is Stings' "Inside the songs
of sacred love" Check out John Mayall's "70th birthday concert" with Clapton. "Future 2 Future" by Herbie Hancock
is also very good.
Stay away from Sade "Lovers live" it is awful.
the tribute to george harrison
david gilmore live
the blue man group
norah jones
Strange thing about the Bowie disc, even the sacd version blows.
Eric Clapton Live In Hyde Park sounds great! The new Led Zeppelin DVD set
Try Toto Live in Amsterdam
I find myself less worried about the sound quality on concert DVDs as the video fills in some of the energy and takes one's mind off analyzing the sound. Still, great sound is welcomed.

Some of my favorites:

U2 - Live in Boston - the best produced DVD I've seen
NIN - All That Could Have Been - Fabulous! Deep low end.
Peter Gabriel - Growing Up - A lot of fun
Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense
Led Zeppelin's latest - decent sound, very historic

There are others that I'd agree the sound / production is pretty bad, but enjoyable nonetheless. I hope we continue to see DVD concerts produced - I really enjoy them on the system.
Great post. I would add to the above:

The Corrs, live at the Royal Albert hall

Cindy Lauper in a concert recorded in March 2004 in a medium sized NYC club

Heart in a fairly recent live performance

Elton John in a fairly recent 2 night event at Madison Square Garden

And, with the caveat that this is my wife's choice not mine, Barry Manilow (sp?) Live. Even though he's not my style, it is technically so good that I enjoyed watching it.

Hi Dynaco hum,
I totally disagree with your assesment of the Genesis and Moody Blues dvds. In dts mode they sound crisp and clear. The DD is not nearly as good as dts and this is for most dvds. Other excellent dvds in dts are:
Heart-live in seattle
Billy Idol--story tellers
Sarah Brightman--Laluna
Paul Simon--??
INXS--live baby live
Carol King--??
Jewell--live at humphreys
The Who--hall of fame
Beach Boys--??concert in England

in DD:
Fleetwood Mac--the dance
Pink Floyd--Live in Pompei
Judy Collins--Live at wolftrap

These are a few. I have many more, but they're up in my listening room and I can't remember the titles right now.

Allison Krause + Union Station - Live.

The best I've ever heard.
RUSH in Rio, enough said! For a even better experience check the rock gods out on their 30th anniversary tour, simply spiritual!