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So how's it going with HD DVD?
FIRST of all, LASERDISCS RULE! I have over 40 CONCERT LD`s that are NOT on DVD, and problably WON`T EVER see the light of day on DVD! SECOND, Laserdiscs DON`T HAVE MACROVISION on them! ALL the more reason to buy Laserdisc`s! Granted, DVD IS SMALLE... 
Why so much music for sale?
ACTUALLY, I BOUGHT over 13 CD`S THIS Holiday weekend. 11 Of them were from the 2 day sale at Circuit City, $9.77 each! WOHO! 
What to do with 1,200 CDs I don't need
IF you have any Hard Rock or Heavy Metal CD`S, i`ll take them off your hands. I have over 700 CD`S so far, and I have Sony CD Jukebox changers. So, it would work out perfect for you and I. 
What to do with 1,200 CDs I don't need
Just donate them to me. 
Yamaha M-80 , C-80 vs. Adcom 555, 565 ,5802
Hi, I have a Yamaha MX-1000 power amp, I had a Yamaha CX-1000 pre-amp, AFTER that I went to an Adcom GTP-600. I can tell you sound wise, and quality wise, go with the Yamaha! 
Review: Sony MDS-501 CD Player
Hi, there WAS a review/Shoot Out Back in 1998 with the Sony MDS-JA20ES(which I used to own). Also were the 2 Pioneer models, Elite and consumer, Kenwood, Sharp, and another one. I have 2 of that issue! Did you want my extra? let me know. I THINK i... 
DVD -RW, +RW, or RAM?
Right now, the DVD-RW can be PLAYED in MOST regular dvd players ONCE the DISC is Finalized! There are going to be NEW releases from Pioneer in June that will let you RECORD AND PLAY ALL 3 formats! AND for reference it`s called RAM, NOT rma! 
DVD recorders as players?
Hi, do NOT use your RECORDER AS a PLAYER! It has been proven time and time again, that recorders have WEAKER lasers than players. ALSO, the lasers in recorders do NOT last as long, because they have to BURN the data to the disc. They are NOT desig... 
Demo/Used- what would you prefer?
I tend to have to buy USED only because, like stated above, by the time I CAN afford it, It`s been discontinued at LEAST 2-3 years! I DID buy a pair of Cerwin Vega AT-15 speakers back in 1992 as a DEMO pair from Silo, BUT I WONDER how many times t... 
New law forbidding the sale of used gear Japan
What about Onkyo products from 1987-1996? Or Panasonic? I need some power amps! 
NIKE "Blues" song
Its an AC/DC song. Rock n Roll ain`t noise pollution. Hey all you boys, put away your fancy clothes.... 
Efficient speakers v. less efficient speakers
I`m GLAD to hear that! I have Infinity SM-152`s and 2 pairs of SM-155`s. They`re rated at sensitivity 102db at 1 watt. My Pioneer Elite C-91 pre-amp volume, sits at 9 o`clock MOST of the time, that`s about .7-.9 watts per channel. They DO sound loud. 
Recording audio from a DVD?
You CAN use a CD recorder. Or use a PC. 
Journey`s on VH-1 Classic FRIDAY 1-6-06
Hi all, if nobody watched it, oh well. They played MOST of the DVD. HOWEVER they did NOT play the solos like they did on MTV back in 1981/1982. That`s the bad news. The GOOD news is that the NEW DVD has ALL 3 solos, drum solo-Steve Smith, guitar s... 
Blu Ray over/under $
Hi, I TOO bought into the Minidisc, BUT I bought mine for different reasons. 1. I LIKE the editing that you can do with them, UNLIKE the CD-R/RW formats where you have to erase the LAST song, and then the next, UNTIL you get to the 1 that you want...