All the Cconcerts you can ‘Remember’ Attending?

Despite my age of 24 I am a fan of music from older generations I have made it a goal to see and hear all the pioneers of the music history while I still can … Before artists stop performing ..touring ..or pass on to Rock and Roll Heaven. Another mantra of mine is to see as much variety as possible. While I have not had the opportunity to see any of these classic rockers in their prime I have been more than thankful to be their audience and have taken something away from every performance.

Making a list and seeing it on paper brought back great memories and emotions! What shows have you seen so far in your lifetime ?

My list: (in no specific order) (does not include many small club shows..too many to remember ..or not remember!)

Guns N Roses
Phish x30
David Lee Roth
Willie Nelson
Bela Fleck x2
Tom Petty x4
Dave Bruebeck
Allman Brothers x7
Bob Dylan x3
Jimmy Page Robert Plant x2
Black Crowes x6
Maceo Parker
Mettalica (Second Row Giants Stadium)
MMW x3
Further Festival x4
God Street Wine
Slash x2
ZZ top
John Fogarty
Doobie Brothers
Huey Lewis
BB King
Stone Temple Pilots
The Machine
Jaw Box
Rod Stewart (First Concert 1987 with my parents!)
Chick Corea
From Good Homes
Jimmy Heath
Rolling Stones (First Row Giants Stadium)
Lenny Kravitz
Gilby Clarke
Chucho Valdez
James Brown
Meat Puppets

I also worked as a part time stagehand at the Meadowlands and saw the following shows for free…! (well they paid me to see them!)

While not my musical favorites …You can’t truly mock these performers unless you have seen them live! Should I decide to talk trash I have a real frame of reference.

Brittany Spears
Back Street Boys
Bon Jovi
Just the thought of listing this stuff, is more work than I want to undertake. I will say this, though. The best concert I ever went to: perhaps you're heard of it, was Woodstock. Saw it from Richie Haven's first stum on the guitar to Jimi Hendrix's Star Spangle Banner. What can I say? Great memories to this day. peace, warren
I still have most of my ticket stubs going back to 1971 (Filmore East Juthro Tull, one week before Aqualung release $3.50); Shafer Music Concerts in Central Park (Wolmonth ice skateing rink)$1.75; and 1971-72 concerts in Gailic Park (Riverdale section of the Bronx)$5.00, became friends with head of security and resold tickets collected at gate split money and received stage passes. some of those shows include Yes (2x);Black Oak Arkansas,Black Sabbath,Alice Copper (all in one show);Black Sabbath again; Mountain (Felix Papparandi? came from this neighborhood too); Beck,Bougart&Appice (advertised as the Jeff Beck Group); Moody Blues; Fleetwood Mac;Altman Brothers (2 different concerts in one day the other being Dust and Flash free WNEW-FM show in Prospect Park, Brooklyn). note some of these group weren't even headliners. Led Zepplin (2x); Pink Floyd (4x); Yes (10x); Genesis (5x);etc... However the best shows were later after this dinosaur rock became stagnete and started going to clubs (in Greenwich Village). That's will be another post. Got to go home to retrived the other 500? shows.To be 18-19 again. Peace, Love & Happiness. Rich
Yes, those Central Pk. shows were great, $2.00 and $1.50 a ticket(bought my tickets at E.J. Korvettes),great groups ,good vibes, and you could even watch for free from the rock mountain surrounding the concert area.I remember Slade, Golden Earring(radar love),the Tubes ,and many others.Wish I could go back to that TIME now !!
I havn't such effort to write them but to tell you I do remember them all as I attended yesterday.
I'll have to do this in small bites. In approx chronological order, the early years:

New Christie Minstrels
Peter, Paul & Mary
Bud n' Travis, Glen Yarbrough
The Blues Project
Jefferson Airplane, Dick Gregory
Taj Mahal
Steve Miller Band (I think), The Anonymous Artists of America
Grateful Dead
Quicksilver Messenger Service
Donovan, H.P. Lovecraft, Mother Earth
Jimi Hendrix, John Mayall, Albert King
Cream, James Cotton, Jeremy & the Satyrs, BS&T
Traffic, Moby Grape, Spirit, Lemon Pipers

At this point, I still don't have a driver's license. More later, maybe.
Grateful Dead. Believe it or not, I remember the show. Well, not the show per se, but i remember being there. best experience of my life. only months later jerry garcia died. i could kill him.

Tom Waits 2x

Meredith Monk 4x

Philip Glass 6x (especially remember him live with his group for Koyonisquatsi)

McCoy Tyner 2x. he's still got it.

Nina Simone - last year.

AC/DC - as a kid. this show r o c k e d the house like nothing i could have ever imagined.

John Coltrane. Okay, that's a lie, but i'd give anythign.

My Irish grandfather singing Oh, Danny Boy... saw it, heard it, but never again. somethign i'd also give anything for.

i ran out of steam...
Bob Dylan 9 times since '89
Jeff Buckley
Robert Plant-last year
Elvis Costello
Pearl Jam
Rush x7
Nick Cave
Solaris-Harold Budd,drummer from Can,Jah Wobble
Stone Roses
Rage Against The Machine
Suzanne Vega
Mary Black
The Waterboys
World Party
AC/DC with and without Bon Scott
Neil Finn
Judas Priest
Both Def Leppard and Iron Maiden as support bands
Black Sabbath
Ozzy with Randy Rhodes
Rory Gallagher
Thin Lizzy
American Music Club and Mark Eitzel many times
Jon Anderson
Echo and The Bunnymen
Julian Cope
The Bible
Natalie Merchant
REM-Green tour
Whiskeytown with Ryan Adams
Sigur Ros
Disposable Heroes Of Hiphopricy
Buffalo Tom
Paul Westerberg
16 Horsepower
The Strokes
A House
Bruce Springsteen x2
Prefab Sprout
The Who-'81
Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Tom Petty
Cosmic Rough Riders
PJ Harvey
The Wallflowers
Simple Minds
Big Country
The Black Crowes
At The Drive In
The Wonderstuff
Belle and Sebastain
Lenny Kravitz when the first album came out

Can I stop now my head hurts..........................
BEN, i'd love to hear what you thought of AC/DC with and without bon scott. when i was a kid this was the greatest concert i'd ever seen. angus young was insane and on fire. unfortunately i can't remember if bon scott was singing.
I agree! The AC/DC show I saw (Ball Breaker Tour) was true Rock n' Roll. The stage-show was classic!!!!!
Alice Cooper (2X)
Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Genesis (2X)
The Police
Blue Oyster Cult
Styx (7X)
Sammy Hager
Van Halen
I had the box filled, but the absolute best were Santana in 1970, The Allman Brothers (you gotta hear them live), Jackson Browne (on a night where he was pissed that a political candidate had published his play list, so he abandoned it and took audience requests for over two hours), Elton John, and the BSO at Tanglewood every year.

The most fun crowds were at Jummy Buffet and Grateful Dead.

The worst were CSN when they got together after Crosbys release to cash in on their nostalgic value without respecting their fans enough to rehearse first.

This was a fun exercise,thanks.
Man, I wish I could relive some of these concerts again, what a time!

Bonnie Raitt
Buffalo Springfield
Crosby Stills and Nash
Loggins & Messina
Neil Young
Quicksilver Messenger Service
Fairport Convention
Beach Boys
Taj Mahal
Arlo Guthrie
John Prine
Harry Chapin
Don McLean
David Stromberg
Bob Dylan
The Chieftans
Grateful Dead
New Riders of the Purple Sage
Jefferson Airplane
Its a Beautiful Day
Allman Brothers
Grand Funk Railroad
Emerson Lake and Palmer
Eric Clapton
Rolling Stones
Rod Stewart & Faces
Joe Cocker (Mad Dogs Tour)
Leon Russell
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Doug Kershaw
Flying Burrito Brothers
Marshall Tucker Band
Fleetwood Mac (Bob Welch and Nicks/Buckingham)
Peter Frampton
Bruce Springsteen (in a bar Long Branch NJ early 70's)
Muddy Waters
Alice Cooper
Talking Heads
Joan Baez
Judy Collins
Little Feat
Dr. Hook
Dr. John the Nighttripper
Jerry Lee Lewis
Little Richard
Chuck Berry
Chubby Checkers
Bo Diddley
Aretha Franklin
Supremes (Atlantic City Steel Pier 1965)
Temptations (Atlantic City Steel Pier ?)
Little Stevie Wonder (Steel Pier) - Stevie Wonder

The above are memomorable concerts and I know I missed a few. Many of these were seen on more than a few occasions and with different musicians notably the Allman Bros, Fleetwood Mac, Eagles and Yes pre and with Wakeman. The less memorable ones I'll spare myself from trying.

The ones I REALLY missed, big time

The Doors

First Concert from another era - Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians with the unmistakable muted horn vibratto sound from the 30's.
Kublakhan-I saw them at the Glasgow Apollo twice-on The Highway To Hell Tour '79-Bon Scott was dead within months and I saw them live again in 1980!
That's how quickly they had recorded a new album and got back on the road.
The differences in the performances were night and day not only was Scott clearly a better singer but he simply gave the band an equal focal point to Angus and had real stage presence.
Sadly Brian Johnston couldn't neither match him nor bring much else to the band rather than be a competent stand-in.
The first gig was dynamic,exciting and full of energy-the original AC/DC had a bluesier feel too.
The next year they were a bit disjointed (as you might expect)however they were clearly heading down a more cartoon route- it was a mediocre gig at best.
Black In Black I always think was recorded off of the momentum of Scott........ once that was gone they were in free fall imho.
Anyway regarding my list I forgot The Jayhawks and probably a bunch of others...........
Well here it goes as they appear on stage:
Humble Pie/Grand Funk Railroad (12-70 MSG)
Cowboy/Jethro Tull (5-71 Filmore East)
?/ELP (5-71 Filmore East)
Poco (7-71 Central Park)
Mahavishnu Orchestra (?-71 Cental Park)
Yes/Humble Pie/Mountain (7-71 Gaelic Park)
Black Oak Arkansas/Alice Cooper/Black Sabbeth (7-71 Gaelic Park)
Led Zepplin (9-71 MSG)
James Gang (11-71 Hunter College)
Sweathog/Black Oak Arkansas/Humble Pie (3-72 Academy of Music)
Led Zepplin (5-72 Nassau Coliseum)
Dust/Flash (7-13-71 Prospect Park)
?/?/Altman Brothers (7-13-71 Gaelic Park)
Blue Oyster Cult/Flash/Argent/Jeff Beck Group (8-72 Gaelic Park)
Jo Jo Gunn/J.Geils Band/Yes (8-72 Gaelic Park)
Ramatan/Ednar Winter/Humble Pie (8-72 Gaelic Park)
Silverhead/Fleetwood Mac/Deep Purple (8-72 Gaelic Park)
Lindisfarne/Yes (11-72 Nassau Coliseum)
?/Jethro Tull (12-72 Nassau Coliseum)
Black Sabbeth (?-72 Capital Theater)
To Be Continue
John Hiatt I forgot him,good gig too.........
Like many others on this thread, I'll echo the "too many to mention" sentiment.

But the memories have already begun flooding my brain, so here are some notables:

Loudest: Asia (1st tour). Small venue. Way too much sound equipment.

Quietest: Mr. Mister (my room-mates talked me into it). Same venue as Asia, but I think they forgot their equipment.

Best Audience: U2 (Joshua Tree Tour). Audience sang the chorus of the last song all the way from the venue to the parking garage. Cool.

Best Drum "Solo": King Crimson (Three of a Perfect Pair Tour). I say "solo" because it started with Bill Bruford, then Adrian Belew joined him on a set of 6 vertically oriented Simmons drum pads and it went from there.

Best Theatrics: Peter Gabriel (Secret World Tour). There's a video of this tour available (as well as a live album). Check it out --- it is unbelievable.

Loudest Audience: Yes (90815 that right?). When they played "Roundabout" for an encore, the audience went nuts, I could hardly hear the opening bars.

Thanks for the memories.
Two initially come to mind that I went to long ago, but not for the music:

Rod Stewart-RPI Fieldhouse; hooked up with this gorgeous girl after stealing beer (grab and run!) from one of the vendors.

Eric Clapton- SPAC; It was raining and in the lawn seats these two girls were mud-wrestling in this huge mud puddle. The beer commercial that was banned recently reminds me of it.

Music, what music?
Here's some more:
Black Sabbath (2-74 Nassau Coliseum)
Golden Earing/Yes (7-75 Roosevelt Stadium)
Pink Floyd (8-75 Nassau Coliseum)
Elton John (8-76 MSG)
Genesis (2-77 MSG)
Pink Floyd (7-77 MSG)
?/Styx/Aerosmith (11-77 Nassau Coliseum)
?/Styx (3-78 Suffolk Forum)
Les Dudek/Kansas (7-78 Nassau Coliseum)
Genesis (7-78 MSG)
Pierce Arrow/UK (10-78 Palladium)
Peter Gabriel (10-78 Stony Brook University)
Angel/Styx (12-78 MSG)
Sad Cafe/UK (3-79 Palladium)
Supertramp (5-79 MSG)
Yes (6-79 Nassau Coliseum)
Todd Rundgren (?-79 Belmont Park)
UK/Jethro Tull (10-79 MSG)
UK/Jethro Tull (10-79 Nassau Coliseum)
Renaissance (? ?in Glen Clove)
Steve Hackett (? ? in Glen Clove)
Steve Hackett (? ? college in Nassau County)
next will be in 1983, see u soon
and more:
Berlin (3-83 Stony Brook Union Ballroom)
The Fixx/Supertramp (8-83 Brendan Byrne Arena)
The Police (8-83 Shea Stadium)
Talking Heads (8-83 Forest Hills Stadium)
Asia (8-83 Forest Hills)
Talking Heads (8-83 Forest Hills)
Rush (9-83 Radio City)
Echo & The Bunnymen (4-84 Savoy Theater)
Thompson Twins (4-84 Hofstra Playhouse)
The Clash (4-84 Hofstra Gym)
The Clash (4-84 Stony Brook Gym)
China Crisis/Simple Minds (5-84 Beacon Theater)
REM w/special guests (6-84 Capitol Theater)
REM (7-84 Goodskates in East Setauket)
REM (7-84 Beacon Theater)
Bruce Springsteen (7-84 SPAC)
Echo & The Bunnymen (8-84 Beacon Theater)
Missing Persons (8-84 Beacon Theater)
REM (10-84 Capitol Theater)
APB (11-84 Hofstra USA)
B-52's (11-84 C.W.Post Theater)
Joan Jett (2-85 Beacon Theater)
The Smiths (6-85 Beacon Theater)
New Order (8-85 Felt Forum)
REM (8-85 Radio City)
Replacements (?-85 Peppermint Lounge)
Shriekback (9-85 The Ritz)
Tears For Fears (10-85 Radio City)
X (10-85 Beacon Theater)
The Cure (11-85 Radio City)
Simple Minds (11-85 Radio City)
The Alarm (?-85 Stony Brook Union Ballroom)
Echo & The Bunnymen (3-86 Felt Forum)
Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians (3-86 Irving Plaza)
Flock Of Seagulls (5-86 The Ritz)
Siouxsie & The Banshees (5-86 Radio City)
PIL (6-86 Beacon Theater)
Depeche Mode (6-86 Radio City)
The Cure (7-86 Jones Beach)
PIL (7-86 Palladium)
The Cramps (8-86 The Ritz)
Psychedelic Furs (8-86 Jones Beach)
Neil Young w/Crazyhorse (10-86 Msg)
REM (11-86 Felt Forum)
New Order (12-86)
Balaam & the Angel/Mission UK (4-87 Heartbeat in Bayville)
The Mission UK (4-87 The Ritz)
Lone Justice/U2 (5-87 Meadowland Arena)
Replacements (7-87 Beacon Theater)
The Cure (8-87 MSG)
Siouxsie & The Banshees (8-87 Felt Forum)
Echo & The Bunnymen (Jones Beach)
Joe Walsh (9-87 MSG)
Nancy Griffith (9-87 Bottoml Line)
PIL (11-87 Beacon Theater)
The Pogues (11-87 The Ritz)
The Mission UK (2-88 The Ritz)
Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians (3-88 Beacon Theater)
Sinead O'Connor (4-88 Beacon Theater)
Pylon (12-88 Palladium's backdoor)
Gang Of 4 (? Reds in Levittown)
Fields Of The Nephilum (? Cat Club)
much,much more especially the GOTHIC stuff! enjoy
2 "classic rockers" that you can see now & shouldn't miss: 1- The Yardbirds are currently touring the US & this is no tribute band, this may be the only opportunity to hear these classic tunes done by the original hot guitar band, albeit with a mostly new, but very authentic sounding line-up. A killer show for anyone who loved their songs or are interested in the direct ancestor of Led Zep.
And even more unbelievable... 2- Arthur Lee & LOVE performing the "Forever Changes" album in it's entirety with horns & strings. They just finished 4 US shows but the word is they may start another longer tour in the fall to support a new live CD of "FC". Always lauded as one of the supreme albums of the 60's by most critics, and I concur, seeing this performed by the eccentric & reclusive Arthur & his excellent musicians recently has to rank as one of the high points of my 38 years of concert-going. It was the musical & emotional equivalent to me of if the Beatles got together 36 years later & performed Sgt. Pepper's LHCB. No joke, that unlikely & significant. And Arthur has been knocking on Rock & Roll Heaven's Door for quite a while now where several of the original LOVE quintet now reside.
Some of the "Classic" artists' I made a point to see in my misspent youth: Gene Krupa, Woody Herman, Muddy Waters,Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry, James Cotton, Shirelles, Pete Seeger, Buddy Rich, Mose Allison, Libba Cotton, Dave van Ronk, Carl Perkins...I most regret not catching Howling Wolf.
I also remember seeing X last night at the House Of Blues, Orlando,Fl. Great to see all the orginal members back together. Another classic rocker punk band that you should see.
Here is some that I've missed from the above posts:
Genesis (6-29-80 MSG)
Genesis (6-30-80 Brendan Byrne Arena)
Ambrosia (7-22-80 Westbury Music Fair)
Styx (3-14-81 Nassau Coliseum)
Joe Walsh (6-19-81 Nassau Colisem)
Dan Fogelberg (10-18-81 Brendan Byrne Arena)
King Crimson (?-81 Town Hall)
Pink Floyd (?-87 Nassau Coliseum)
Siouxsie & The Banshees (10-20-88 Radio City)
Siouxsie & The Banshees (10-21-88 Stony Brook Gym)
Jethro Tull (11-3-89 Nassau Coliseum
Richingoth you've seen an amazing amount of gigs-could you perhaps state what where the best?
I'd be interested to hear the opinion of someone who has seen such a comprehensive list of artists.
And finally the nineties:
Gang Of 4 (7-2-91 Malibu Nite Club in Lido Beach)
Raggae Sunsplash (7-5-91 Brookhaven Amphitheater)
The Sisters OF Mercy (7-18-91 Brookhaven Amphitheater)
Gang Of 4/
Public Enemy/
The Sisters Of Mercy (7-24-91 Radio City)
Thrill Kill Kult/
Siouxsie & The Banshees (12-4-91 CW Post Tilles Center)
Neil Young (2-14-92 Beacon Theater)
Ministry (12-3-92 Paramount)
Black Crowes (3-31-93 CW Post Tilles Center)
White Zombie/
Reverend Horton Heat/
Nine Inch Nails (1-6-95 Nassau Coliseum)
H.O.R.D.E. Festial/
Black Crowes (8-8-95 Jones Beach)
Jeff Beck (8-11-95 Jones Beach)
Gang Of 4 (10-8-95 Limelight)
The Cure (7-9-96 Nassau Coliseum)
Alice Cooper (8-2-96 Jones Beach)
Sunshine Blind/
Switchblade Symphony (96 or 97 ? Cherry Ln club,Floral Pk)
Sunshine Blind/
Switchblade Symphony (96 or 97 + 1 day Batcave, Downtime)
Dead Can Dance (? Symphony Space)
Front Line Assembly/
Switchblade Symphony (5-6-99 Irving Plaza)
Razed In Black/
Switchblade Symphony (7-30-99 Batcave, Downtime)
The Sisters Of Mercy (9-24-99 Roseland Ballroom)
Gene Loves Jezebel/
The Mission UK (10-18-99 Irving Plaza)
The Cure (2-28-00 Roseland Ballroom)
The Cure (6-20-00 Jones Beach)
Here's some more:
Let's Active (84/85 Nassau Community College ?)
Ramones (? Stony Brook Gym)
Ramones (? Malibu Nite Club, Lido Beach)
Tom Tom Club (? Malibu Nite Club, Lido Beach)
Joan Jett (? 2 days at her home town bar, Island Park)
The Strawbs (79/80 My Father's Place, Roslyn)
Mike Oldfield (80/81 My Father's Place, Roslyn)
The Gunn Club (84 My Father's Place, Roslyn)
Bob Dylan (? Beacon Theater)
Warren Zevon (? Beacon Theater)
My Friend's Wamboozy Festival (95,96,97,98,99 at Lake Grove Farms; apple orchard in Modena; Snow Ridge Ski Area in Turin; John M's Estate in Bayshore)plus many, many cover bar bands from the mid 70's to 80's until MADD started to make noise and the clubs started to close.