Let's hear about Elrods new Silver or Gold cables

Let's hear from the people who auditioned or bought Elrods new Silver or Gold cables and tell us what you think.I bought 7 Gold power cords and was totally blown away,anybody else?
Strapper, please tell us in detail about your experience with the new Elrods. . . being 'blown away' only points to possible challanges to your personal safety. (grins!) G.
Hi,I have had the cords for about 2 weeks now and they just get better and better.The bass and midbass slam is totally in a league of its own,and the soundstage just keeps getting wider and deeper.Also extreme transparency and natural sweet high end,the instruments just hang in space.The weird thing I am told by David Elrod that it will get much better by the end of break-in(8 weeks),thats scary.
I have had the Elrod Silver Statement pc for about 3 months. The 3 biggest improvements I have heard are 1. better instrument seperation, no muddled lap over between instruments on recordings. 2. better midbass and bass which only gets better as the cords break-in. 3. the blackest of black backgrounds. I feel like I am listening to the music in it purest form with no subliminal noise.

The Elrod power cords are really wonderful. Instead of spending big bucks on new gear you can really improve your system with both the power and speaker cords from Mr. Elrod. He has created something magical in both products.
What kind of 'subliminal noise' has been dampened? Guido
Hard to explain, that is why I used the adjective subliminal. Can't identify what the noise is or actually hear it but when using the Elrod power cord you know it has been eliminated. Like I tried to describe the background is totally black, meaning totally quiet. I think other Elrod Silver or Gold power cord users will back me up on this.
Bostonbean - Are you saying I would be better off spending $3000 on a Siver Statement PC than upgrading my Dali Ikon 6 speakers to a $3000 pair of Triangle Antal Ex?

I find that hard to swallow. (And I do use aftermarket PCs from PSA, Zebra, Signal, MAC and Element).
Mmarvin19, in your example you are probably right.
The "subliminal noise" you refer to is more than likely a combination of EMI/RFI in the ac line. A well-designed power cord helps to prevent this noise from entering the component.
the ultra low noise or "black background" does not represent reality, as far as concerts featuring unamplified music. when it is too quiet , it's unnatural.
MRT, you express my concern exactly. . . . is the mythical ever sought 'black background' purely abscence of spurious electrical noise of some kind, or may it be sometimes an audible artifact caused by the unwitting purging of micro information from the recording? G.
"- Are you saying I would be better off spending $3000 on a Siver Statement PC than upgrading my Dali Ikon 6 speakers to a $3000 pair of Triangle Antal Ex? "

Probably not but if you will upgrade to Gold Statement power cord (retail: $5,500) then Yes.

Specific example - I was planning to upgrade my old Marantz SACD Player to Esoteric X-03 when I installed this power cord to drive Marantz and decided that I achieved my aim and even more then I expected.

I don't have 7 Gold Statement power cords as lucky Strupper211 has - I have only two as well as one Gold Signature speaker cable with 2' jumpers and in a few days I should receive Gold Statement Interconnect.

I will post my impressions of the interconnects but really I do not expect any surpises - I can't. The "problem" of course is that David somehow manage to suprise me almost each and every time I get one of his components or cables - whatever you want to call them.

Thank you
I am running out of superlatives on these cords,they are light years better then the vd genesis I had and anything else I ever heard.I would love someone compare this to the nordost Odin,I can not believe it is better than this.I did go the full monty and put 7 in my system but what a difference,I have the transparent opus but I will have to try his gold speaker and interconnect.I love my opus but I have to see what his other cables add to the mix.If you are looking for a new power cord please try at least a silver before buying anything else,they sound like real music-PERIOD.

I have recently purchased a Joule Electra LA 300 ME LS to replace my JE LA150 mk II. The LA300 ME uses a proprietary version of the Elrod PC wire in the Line Stage for point to point wiring.

I currently (no pun intended) use a Elrod Signature 2 on the LS. Future plans will include an audition of the Silver & Gold on the JE LA 300 ME.

Any LA 300 ME users out there to comment?


Hello Jim,

I have a conflict of inretest describing Joule-Electra LA-300ME preamp but fortunatelly for me you already own this preamp.

Comment on Elrod cables and LA-300ME. While, Silver series cables are excellent and well beyond that - if you can afford Gold line cables(and I would firmly suggest one Gold cable instead of two about the same price Silver) - this is the ONLY way to go.

After that you can look forward to winning lottery because from that point you will have no doubts what so ever what you will do with the winning prize

Good Luck.

Yes, the JE LA 300 ME is an amazing upgrade over my already excellent LA 150 mk II. Well worth the money.

Checked the Elrod Power System web page and I was hoping the Silver would do the trick but looks like I'll audition both Silver and Gold and see how it goes............after I win the lottery :-)


Sorry guys, a question just marginally out of topic. . . how many hours are required to break in 100% the JE LA 300 ME? . . . and by that I mean, to reach a point where it no longer opens further, improves, etc. . .? but is musically/sonically stable, except for the usual dayly warm up time before listening. Thank you. Guido
""how many hours are required to break in 100% the JE LA 300 ME?"

Dear Guido,

different people - different experience. I was literally shocked then I was able to appreciate late prototype of Joule-Electra LA-300ME and the rest "opening and more and more musicality and better bass etc" was relatively small scale events - for me. With others (may be people who were familiar with LA-150 MkII - which was the winner of HP of TAS Golden Ear Award - and I know, now, for godd reasons) - about 1000 hours - so I heard.

Jim: If you can audition both Silver and Gold Elrod power cords with LA-300ME - kindly report us. I don;t have much experience with Silver power cord. Where I do have substantial experience is with all (but the most expensive) levels of David speaker cables. I feel (FEEL - did not measured...) that if Silver may be the best speaker cable in the world then Gold is out of this world and while you will recognize family resemblance - they are NOT equal.

Sorry, I know many people want to and do think "its only cable - big deal, who cares" and until you try you don;'t know.... For me its like explanation of the positives of air conditioner in warm hot climate - you got to experience it during Middle East "humsin" - wind from the desert to really comprehend and appreciate it...

Yours truly,

could anyone describe what the elrod gold power cable does or does not do, per the sound of a stereo system ?

Mr T,
Since you are a reviewer, I would suggest getting one or both models, trying them in your reference system, of course allowing sufficient break-in time, and report to us what you hear or don't hear. I look forward to your impressions.
i have requested two. i was told that it would be one to two months before i get them.

my point in asking relates to the frequency of superlatives mentioned about this product. i am curious as to what it is that is so remarkable about this product.

The owners manual suggests 1000 hours for total break in. I have roughly 400+ and it has really begun to open up and sing. I am expecting additional improvements over the next 400-600 hours.

As I recall, my LA 150 mk II (mine was an upgrade from my LA 150 Mk I unit) took a good 600 hours to really open up and sing.

Give it some time and you will be handsomely rewarded. I have owned three versions of the LA 100, 2 versions of the LA 150 and now the LA 300 ME. Jud Barber's design, build quality and workmenship have been outstanding by my experience.

Thanks for your reply!

I have every intention of listening to the new the Elrod cables (Silver & Gold after reading your comments) will just need time to allocate funds for the purchase. Rome was not built in a day for sure. For now, the Signature 2 will have to suffice.


Thank you Jim, info much appreciated. I do not own the device, but am asking on behalf of a friend who has just acquired a unit. Guido
I know nothing about these power cords other than what I've read here. However, based upon my DIY experience building power cords. It would not surprise me if this series of cords has substantial shielding and dampening of the conductors. That would explain to me why some perceive an extraordinarily black background. In my own system, I have found very little use for shielded power cords. The only component that I found benefits from a shielded cord is my tube pre-amp. I'm only one individual, so take my comments with a gain of salt.
"...what the elrod gold power cable does or does not do, per the sound of a stereo system"


This is always a problem for me to use words to describe specific aural experience, If we are talking about low to mid fi then words like "richer", "more slam" "soundstage became wider and deeper" can be used and its could be all true observations but really its NOT what - at least me - wish to experience. Yes, I will hear bass becaming richer or whatever but by itself I don;t care - its not what I am "afer"

On the level of highest fidelity to acoustic music - I like to "measure" component by its gestalt effect. Very few components like Gold level cables of David Elrod "grab" me and do not let me stop listening. I start next morning with the one thouht - in a few hours I will be do done with all these boring stuff I can go back to my addiction... and life will start again.
If addiction is a proper word to describe my hobby then what I mean is the potency of this drug.
I am not sure if I was clear but it is not the HEARING bass depth but FEELING something magical and feeling it for hours, days, weeks and even months. Then, of course it saturated and I need another drug... In this specific example, with cables we have a number of compenents in our system and each needs and power cord and interconnects or speaker cables - so I can add and add.

Every time I add David cable am afraid that it will have "diminished effect" or compilation of so many cables will create some very specific sonic signature (nice or ugly - it does not matter - both are colorations) but so far I was spared and on the contrary...I live again.

Thank you
hi simon:

could you elaborate on what you believe is the affect of the elrod gold power upon the sound of your stereo system.
Hi Mr.Tennis,It is tough to describe something like this without you haveing heard it but I will try.The gold statement power cords are so coherent and balanced it is incredible,the top end is open and 3d like and the midrange vocals are fleshed out perfectly like a real voice and the instrument timbre is right on,also it has amazing impact in the midrange.As you travel down to the bass it is very defined and seems like it adds another octave to your speaker.The soundstage is spread out and the instuments are surrounded by air and blackness and seem to just hand there with amazing detail and transparency.Thats the best I can do,you really have to put it in your system and experience it,I could talk all day but get one put it in and listen.I was sold I bought 7 of them.
" could you elaborate on what you believe is the affect of the elrod gold power upon the sound of your stereo system"

Hello Mrtennis,

No, I can't. Sorry. Can you describe effect of attending live concert of your favorite orchestra/singer/rapper etc?

If you can then this exactly is the effect of David Elrod Gold and in lessen degree Silver components in my stereo system.

While attening live concert I do note the bass, of course - but by itself it does not matter to me in slightest.

However, time-to-time when I attend live concert I close my eyes and try to imagine that I am visiting friend of mine and I am listening, at this moment, to his stereo system.

I think all reviewers and audio designers ahould do this experiment time-to-time. I note in this "stereo system" three things the most:

1 Its unbelivable dynamic range.

2 Its "almost" total absense of electronic haze and transparencyi.e. like there is nothing beween you and music.

3 Correctness of its tonal timbre "almost" reaching the level of that I have in my aural memory collected over my life span, starting from the age 6 when I started my piano study.

When I hear at home my real system with David Elrod cables and all other my components - I have the feelings closest to the above and I am immensely thankful to David for his G-d given talents.

I don;t believe that I can be clearer then now.

Thank you
I have heard that these cables essentially act as capacitors, and require several days just to reach a steady-state charge. I have little doubt about what people are saying in regards to this cable. David Elrod has made me a believer in power cords.

The thing that is particularly notable is that Strapper211 has a system and prior power cords which were no slouch. And yet, he is still blown away. That doesn't happen too often. It cost some money, but still...

I'd like to try some, but I have other priorities to achieve with my system via speaker cables and external grounding before approaching this.
hi simon:

stereo systems are imperfect. thus components are imperfect. there are many kinds of distortions, including timbral errors.

i have never heard the sound of an orchestra reproduced accurately when listening to a stereo system.

what i conclude from your post is that the use of elrod gold power cords can reduce errors of timbre and create some semblance, perhaps, an illusion of a live performance.
"what i conclude from your post is that the use of elrod gold power cords can reduce errors of timbre and create some semblance, perhaps, an illusion of a live performance"

Hello Mrtennis,

Its very close to that I think. I believe David cords do not reduce errors of timbre but reduce their negative effects on listening experience.

"illusion of a live performance" is a bit too strong, on my opinion - I don;t know if our grandchildren will have it but what David work does I described once in the article published in EnjoyTheMusic last summer:

"...The exploration of the origin of "listener fatigue" is extremely interesting, at least, for this writer. We believe that when our subconscious mind detects a small unnatural trace of distortion in reproduced acoustic music (which is not recognized yet as a very low level irritant by the analytical part of our brain) it activates a subtle alarm. This forces the listener into the tense or alert mode...."

I think - psyco-acoustically, some qulities of these cables wake up in our subconscious mind the memory of live concert, and if you meant this in "illusion of a live performance" then I agree totally and I am sorry then for being picky on the separate words of yours.

Thank you
Several people have described the cords (or cables) as being better, and sometimes in specific ways; but without saying what they compared them to! Without that information, the comments are not very helpful at all to me (and, I would think, to others too). Specifically, though, I was hoping to read specifics about how the Silver and Gold Series compare to the older Elrod Signature Series.

Rtn1, if you are looking at speaker cables again check out Elrod. The Silver Signature speaker cables really wow'd me. Considering your system you may choose something a little higher in the Elrod speaker cable food chain.

Regarding Elrod cables in general...obviously cables/cords, whether they be power, speaker or interconnects, do not produce sound. What I whole heartedly believe about the Elrod cables is that they allow whatever components/speakers that they are part of to playback at their maximum potential.
"Specifically, though, I was hoping to read specifics about how the Silver and Gold Series compare to the older Elrod Signature Series. Anyone? "

Hello Jfz: A few months ago, my system had old (current at that time) Elrod power cords, speaker cables and interconnects - build years ago.

In my brief review of David Gold Statement Power Cord - which I placed here, at A-gon, Audio Review Section - I compared it to old Statement Elrod Power System. I like new Gold Statement to be much better then old one.

Hope it helps
How flexible are David's cables (new and old versions)?
"How flexible are David's cables ..."


I wrote review a while ago, and placed a few photos:


You can see that each Elrod Power Systems cable ends on both sides with piggy tail which make it very flexible and user friendly

The Statement Silver I have is in fact very flexible. The new Elrod cords can be twisted and be kept in that shape, so they won't lift your equipment in the air.

I've tried this PC with everything I have, including the Benchmark DAC1, without any problem in terms of placement, twisting, etc.

Hi Isanchez,what do you think of the silver statement and what did it replace,just curious.

Hi Robert,

The Statement Silver replaced a Concierto Violin Mk IV Reference PC, which I still have.

I've tried the Statement Silver with practically every piece of gear I have, except for the mono-blocks since I only have one cord (that's all I can fit behind my credenza).

In my system, the Statement Silver PC increases the contrast between the music and the background. It also renders the music with the clean fluidity you get from a live performance, which makes music sound much more natural to the ear. Overall, silences as spooky quiet and music simply explodes.

Today, I have installed Gold Statement Interconnects (between front end and preamp). First impression: bass may be tighter, highs are "cleaner" - for example, female voices are much more "delicate". Yet, I hear much more details, probably better separation of instruments in big orchestra.... extremely interesting experience !!!!!!!!!!

Now, I placed them for a week or two for burn-in. This hobby is INCREADIBLE !!!!!!! (well for audiophiles, I guess)

I did an extensive comparison between the phenomenal Elrod Statement Gold PCs and the old Statement PCs. For those of you interested in this comparison, I posted a lengthy report on a new Audiogon thread here.
My Gold Statement Interconnect is three weeks old. Everything is opening, bass became tighter and most important, my system sounds now like I have the highest quality vinyl source, and its very new and highly pleasant experience with David Elrod cables for me.

I ordered from Elrod Power System another Hold Satement Power Cord for Preamplifier......

My 3d Gold Statement PC has a few hundred hours on it and I think its broken-in well enough. I use it with my tube preamp. With each power cord the positive effects are increased and in larger and larger degree. I listen sometimes records which I did not listen a couple of months ago and changes are VERY profound.

Most important to my ears - the liquidity, finesse - what we call "analog-like" sound. Secondly, the timbral richness across the spectrum and I cannot detect any artificiality or euphemism here and finally, that I noted from very beginning - ultra transparency .

I never ever expected so much improvement.

Thank you David!
"liquidity, finesse.....ultra transparency"
That describes my experience with the Gold PCs as well.
Hi,I tried a Gold Statement Interconnect on my Walker Black Diamond.What power and Dynamics and a midrange to die for,what a cable.Will add as I listen further.

I also added these comments in the product review section for Elrod Gold Statement pc.

It has been a bit over a month since I added 3 Elrod Gold Statement power cords to my system. Two were used on my BAT REX control and power units, the third on my BAT cd player. This is in addition to my Elrod Silver Statement pc on my Spectron amp and Elrod Silver Signature speaker cables on my Gallo 3.1 speakers.

Though I could initially hear improvements in assorted areas it was not until about a week ago that the Gold Statements really “clicked” in. I am now hearing music like I have never heard it before. My jaw is still dragging on the ground. I can hardly wait to get off work each day so that I can go home and listen to music.

It is difficult to add to what others have said about these cables. Repeating what has already been said starts sounding like a broken record. But the one thing that I would like to note and have found really fascinating is how I can now play music at much lower volumes and am actually hearing more musical detail.

I don’t have the slightest idea how David Elrod’s cables work but I can tell you that each cable I have added to my system has improved the sound beyond imagination. Each cable is hand-made by David himself, no manufacturing line building cables to some spec.

I would highly recommend trying just one of Mr. Elrod’s cables in your system. You will hear dramatic improvements with just one Elrod cord. These cables can be used with whatever component you may own at any time in your life so I believe the cables are a lifetime investment in improved hi-fi playback.

I have discovered that the use of one or more Statement Gold cords can have an amazing effect on video as well. I am so impressed by both the audio and video results. My HD is now truly stunning, where before it was very, very good. And I don't even have either of my cords on the TV itself. It's kind of hard to believe until you see or hear it.