Legacy Audio Focus SE compared to the Legacy Aeris Speakers

I am looking for owner opinions of the Legacy Audio Focus SE speakers compared to the Legacy Aeris speakers from a sound quality perspective.  I am considering either of the 2, but have to wait another 5 weeks until a new local dealer will have their showroom ready for display.

I only owned the Focus, but it was a much older model.
I liked them a lot but I eventually sold them for some Von Schweikerts. The Aeries has powered subs so I think they would be easier to adjust and place than the Focus. But don’t they cost substantially more?


check your mailbox regarding the Legacy speakers,
I reviewed the Focus, Focus SE, Whisper, Whisper DSW Clarity Edition, Helix and the V, all for Dagogo.com. I have owned the Focus, Focus SE, Whisper and Whisper DSW Clarity Edition. So, if you want a thorough analysis of Legacy sound you can read all of them.

I have heard the Aeris several times. Buy the Aeris. Top to bottom it’s in a different league than the Focus SE. You can trust my opinion, or wait five weeks and buy the Aeris anyway. :)

We are a Legacy dealer and couldnt agree more.

The Aeris is in an entirely different league. The overall clarity and tonality is similar the sense of scope is way different. The Aeris has a much larger sense of space, tighter much deeper bass and is just spectacular in dynamics.

It is really a no brainer.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
I got rid of my Legacy Focus' and went with Tekton Design's Ulfberht speakers. They operate on a whole different level.
I just checked out Tekton Design’s website. Very interesting, but a 73" high speaker would be overkill in my room as my drop ceiling is 7’-9" high. The room size is 19’-10" wide x 29’-10" long. I might give them a call though. The price is attractive at $12,000.
I agree that the Aeris is a league up from the Focus SE, but only when the Aeris is set up optimally.  When doing the online room equalization process, it is not that hard to get a bad setup.  I heard the Aeris after a setup, and all the mid-bass fullness was missing.  When Aeris is done right, you can't believe how incredible a male baritone voice sounds.  Those big Aeris mid-woofers are light and FAST.

It's interesting how you hi-jacked this Legacy thread. Even if you feel it was unintentional on your part.....The point is, try doing that on one of a half dozen Tekton threads currently going, and see what happens....