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pick an integrated from CAM for under $2000
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Integrated Amp upgrade?
Plus as you found out, if you have an analog front end, there's no point going with one of the amps that digitize everything. That defeats the purpose of having an analog front end to begin with. So no Micromega, Lyngdorf etc etc.I'd still suggest... 
Integrated Amp upgrade?
You’re probably losing a lot of money this way rather than just getting a Gryphon Diablo 120 with the DAC and Phono modules. Looking for perfection in a all in one doesn’t make that much sense to me.I’d get the Luxman L505uX II and an outboard DAC. 
Does anyone care to ask an amplifier designer a technical question? My door is open.
@4krow I believe most of the Japanese integrated amps have tone controls: Luxman, Accuphase and the newer Yamahas. I am a fan personally, my vintage Kenwood sounds so good. There is definitely something undeniably cool about switches, knobs and le... 
Budget hi-fi and vintage audio gear
I was in the same boat recently, honestly I just like the look of vintage gear and wanted one for my bedroom system. I took a look at the specs for your speaker. You can get what I got, a serviced/recapped Kenwood KA 5700 Integrated Amplifier.Stun... 
Luxman L590AXii vs Accuphase E-650 for a Shindo lover
Yeah, probably not a good idea to leave a Class A amp on all the time. Buy a Class A/B amp for that. 
Q for any Luxman L-509X owners
Ok thanks guys. I have Legacy Signature SEs and the Luxman is on my short list for a SS integrated to purchase. 
Q for any Luxman L-509X owners
slightly off topic, what speakers do you guys use with it, and how does the amp sound? 
Yamaha A-S801 - horrible experience
I mean it could just be a shipping issue which might have damaged the amp. What does Yamaha have anything to do with that? Their recent series of integrated stereo amplifiers are getting great reviews and look fantastic. 
beginner seperate system
Primaluna tube integrated amps are within your budget. Some one also mentioned a Bob Carver tube amp here 275 Crimson which is 75 watts per channel and going for $2500, that would drive those Focals very well. But you'd also need to pair it with a... 
Compact DAC + Amp
I had tower speakers and a Dehavilland pre with a Macintosh 250 wpc solid state in a tiny studio at Fort Greene.But I am a bit nuts.I'd suggest at least getting a good integrated amp (with an internal dac) and putting it on the floor under the TV.... 
Follow-up to my question some weeks ago about an amp for Dynaudio Contour 20s
I believe I recall that thread, system synergy is a real thing.  Dyns need proper current capability and a lot of the modern SS amps actually do not provide that, I learned the hard way pairing Dyns and a Peachtree Decco (50 wpc) which sounded ver... 
Full range tower speakers with bass under $10k
Legacy Audio Signature SE, usable bass down to 22Hz. 
New favorite VINYL Album?
Recent re-issue of Talking Timbuktu by Ali Farka Toure and Ry Cooder.Anything by Nicolaas Jaar. 
Replacement for DeHavilland Ultraverve
Yes, you should definitely try Ayre. Their devices are amazing.