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MC cartridge upgrade for a Schiit Sol (Denon dl-103r) help!
Denon 103R is wonderful, its full bodied and nice sounding. 
DAC Shootout Starts This Weekend
James Blake's Limit to Your Love has a very deep bass section. 
Floor-standing vs Book-shelf from upper line up?
Quite simply, upper line products will resolve more, that's the way things "typically" work. So the main point you should focus on is, do I want to lose some bandwidth at the low end, but gain more detail?I personally love well designed bookshelf ... 
3 Way Stand Mount Speakers
The new Yamahas are pretty expensive I thought? Are you talking about the old ones?And definitely don’t use YouTube videos to judge anything other than aesthetics. It’s likely an iPhone mike being used to take the video which is then farther being... 
Jazz And Speaker Placement
Paul, I lived in Fort Greene actually at the time, and always took the G to either Greenpoint or WB on the weekends. I was by the Fulton Street stop. No 9, with the broccoli tacos are a perennial favorite.At GP after a night of drinking and live m... 
Jazz And Speaker Placement
I mean it’s not just bass, my speakers placed on my desk closed to the walls sounded muddy due to the lower mids overtaking other frequencies. Now away from walls, on stands they sound great.Williamsburg eh? I used to dance at Output, go to M Nood... 
New Topping D90SE DAC
DACs are weird beasts. You can have a perfectly measuring one at $899 and devices that cost $25K or $80K that may not measure as well. Expectation biases do come into play, which in turn affect how we actually hear things. Having said all that I d... 
Very small, warm and dynamic speakers
After a lot of searching, I was able to setup my bedroom/office system. wasn't able to find the Totems in the condition/color I wanted. I wasn't a... 
Focal sopra 2/Gryphon Diablo 300 not good match
Now the tweeters are probably not directly firing at your ears.  
Dynaudio Confidence 30 vs. Focal Sopra 2
I have the Luxman, paired with Legacy Signature SEs, very dynamic, great for metal, EDM, house or jazz and acoustic. Dyns are a bit dark and boxy IME, play better at louder levels. I’d go with Focal or audition the Legacies. 
Dynaudio Evidence Temptation and tube amps?
My experience with Dynaudios is that they are very hard to drive, they like to be driven loud, that's when they open up and sound their best. I would suggest a pair of Legacy Audios or Focals, these brands typically make efficient speakers that so... 
Very small, warm and dynamic speakers
@calvinandhobbes, I haven't heard the base Model 1, but the Model 1 Signatures, yes.  That was a special speaker, some of the best holographic imaging I have ever heard - that's why I keep looking for a pair. I will look into the Dali Minuets as w... 
Very small, warm and dynamic speakers
@david_ten , yep those look good, I am currently using tiny single driver speakers actually. I am also interested in the smallest model by Omega. I will have to look into that. 
Very small, warm and dynamic speakers
@david_ten , how have you been? I'm doing well considering the global situation.  For this pair of speakers, to be honest, I want something very small and sweet sounding, basically like the Totem Model 1 SEs, or similar sounding speakers. I'm ok w... 
Very small, warm and dynamic speakers
Thanks for the suggestions so far, does the ProAc Tablette fit the bill?