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We should reject hard-to-drive speakers more often
I personally have. Dynaudios are hard to drive, I don't buy them anymore, even though they are very high quality. Hard to drive speakers aren't fun at low volumes.  
MSB DAC's Popularity
Just love the shaming of 2K to 5K DAC buyers, when 20% of the population can't afford healthcare. What peak white privilege.    
Any hi rez radio stations?
BTW - For both Spotify and Tidal (and I assume any other streaming service), you can create radio stations, you seed the station with some albums or tracks and then it’ll create a station for you based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learni... 
CD transport vs.streaming
@sns - I don't think there is much difference except if you like the physical experience of putting on a CD, similar to vinyl. Vinyl itself is a different issue because the sound is different and so on, but the experience itself is also enjoyable.... 
CD transport vs.streaming
I don't know if most people actually go through the rigour of matching db levels by an external mic to ensure proper comparison, and that’s just the first step. Then you have to ensure its the same exact mastering/release of the track/album you ar... 
CD transports; do they really matter
If you can rip your CDs into a storage (could be a hard drive or a server) and either play directly via connecting to a DAC, or stream via a network, it’ll simplify things. Transports mattering, or how more expensive devices are better is not the... 
As a chill electronica listener, should I stop at a Med-Fi system?
First of all it depends on what do you consider mid-fi? Its relative as even a pricey system could be considered mid-fi by some. I listen to a lot of EDM/downtempo/Deep House and I'd say a highly resolving system definitely sounds fantastic when ... 
AKM makes the best DACs
@tomic601 pretty much nailed it IMO. Difficult to just judge a dac chip, the whole package matters. And I've seen atrocious power supply noise leakage from mega buck dacs which are completely inexcusable. The whole package matters and as such I do... 
Emm Labs DV2 versus Tambaqui
The best way is to order both for home trial and keep the one you like better. You'll hear a lot of advise about this vs that, or I heard this there and it was amazing, but none of these are apples to apples comparisons in the same room with the s... 
Does anyone own the Magico Mini 2?
Well tech changed, improved. KEF, Focal etc have come out with reference monitors since. 
Does anyone own the Magico Mini 2?
I was always interested in it as well, but you may find better monitors that have come out since. 
Jazz And Speaker Placement
Paul, just wanted to mention, BRIC jazzfest is this week from 21 to 23, at Fort Greene. It's at the BRIC cultural center. This is a good opportunity for you to catch up on some jazz. I may swing by Thursday (because of  Cecile McLorin Salvant) or... 
Recommendations for speakers with Luxman 509x
I have that amp, and given your diverse taste and budget, Legacy Audio Signature SE - which is what I have. Fantastic pairing. 
Jazz And Speaker Placement
Paul, I highly recommend Mezzrow, it’s basically across the street from Smalls, just not well known, hence not as crowded. I believe you can pretty much walk in snd pay $25 at the door for a good show. Check the calendar prior for set times. Basic... 
MC cartridge upgrade for a Schiit Sol (Denon dl-103r) help!
Denon 103R is wonderful, its full bodied and nice sounding.