Lawsuits over "dots"

Anyone hear of any complaints regarding loudspeaker or wall "dots" ? 

You should include Mpingo disc/pucks and directional mains fuses in those lawsuits as well.

Cheers George

Please clarify, ptss.  Lawsuit is not the same as complaint.
I thought it's a kinda tweak "law suits over dots".
What are you talking about??

Yup, my walls are breaking out in dots....they tend to swirl around and exit in the corners....kinda colorful, soothing really....

Oops....this isn't the hallucinogens forum, is it?  My bad....
I’m not sure I get it.

A. Audiophiles are afraid of dots

B. Audiophiles hate dots

C. Audiophiles don’t understand dots

D. Audiophiles are suspicious of dots

E. Audiophiles think dots are cute

Sigmund: Sometimes, audiophile just audiophile

Dashes files countersuit!
Question asked Dot why the Dash for a lawsuit.........
You mean lawsuits like the long black robes the judges wear?  Someone wants them to wear dots now?
This is one of the most confusing question asked on this forum. If you have an agenda against Synergistic Research, please state so.
Well, let’s see what are the choices?

Quantum dots in WA Quantm Speaker Chips
Quantum dots in Machina Dynamica super intelligent chips
Marigo VTS Dots for speakers and walls
Machina Dynamica Blue Meanies dots for walls
Harmonix dots for speakers and walls, the ones with REDRUM inside