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Which Class D Amplifier? PS Audio, Ghent, Nord, Merrill or other???
I see quite a few people here have PS Audio amps and are happy with them. I have heard various PS Audio kit and currently have three of their Power Plants along with a DAC and an older phono stage: I'm delighted by the quality and price. My daught... 
AC Regenerator
PS Audio is a great customer-focused company, and their regenerators are a good investment. I use different models on my three systems (home office, AV, and high-end audio. I am delighted. 
Best Speaker cable in the $400.00-$500.00 range for 2 meters
I drove my Avalon Eidolen speakers with a Rogue amp connected via several cables until I settled on AntiCables. Serious bang for the buck.(I subsequently replaced the Rogue with an Ayon Triton amp, but kept the cables.) 
Getting into tubes
The first tube amp I had was a Rogue Cronus Magnum +, which I bought 2nd hand. I was immediately hooked, and after I sold it to it's 3rd owner I received an email stating: "Love the sound, I am hooked on tubes!" The Rogue was running KT120 tubes.T... 
Michael Fremer's system
I like what I know of Michael Fremer, indeed I once emailed with him and he was very nice and helpful. But that has nothing to do with what I think of his system or listening space, both of which I would enjoy immensely ...I am sure.It is interest... 
Michael Fremer's system
Great video. I think Michael Fremer is an honest and gifted reviewer. I wish I could visit his space and hear what it all sounds like. ...That said, I am having trouble understanding why some comments here completely ignore what Fremer says. In fa... 
Need Help identifying late husbands Stereo components Infinity Beta speakers
Hi audiophilewidow...I believe that the posts here which suggested you contact a reputable dealer who handles used gear is *your* best choice for multiple reasons, avoiding unknown visitors included.  
Correct way to attach speaker wires... Wait, what!!!
The internet will help you find several classic papers on this topic. Bare wire wins for quality of connection, banana plugs and spades for ease of switching connections. If you use silver wire, the oxidation is said to not degrade the connection ... 
Lifters ForGetting Cables Off The Floor, Worth It Or Snake Oil
I use a high-end integrated tube amp, not mono blocks so I need longer speaker cables... for those, I have 8 foot AntiCables which have a very thin insulation painted on. (I’d like shorter cables, but I am otherwise delighted with my setup.) The A... 
Anyone else try this?
When I was a kid, I scraped my knee and got a boo boo. Nothing like your experiences.  
Dick's / Dave's picks
Wow. Apparently there are many other people who have been enchanted by the abundance of Dead concert recordings. (I knew that.)Received every Dave's Pick and special edition over the past 2 years, and each one is beautifully designed, packaged, an... 
What to upgrade next?
Power cables first, and as others have said that will reveal other deficiencies. ...And so it goes. Any effective change will be a revelation, and the next step is a function of what you upgrade first.After upgrading power cables, my next step was... 
Differences between ayon 07 vs ayon 07s
There does not appear to be much of a "used" market for Ayon in the USA. The OP was 1 year old w/o any replies. That's what I found when I started looking at Ayon gear in Autumn 2015. I ended up calling the two dealers of record: USATUBE and The C... 
Best Class A Amp under $2,000 used?
...he's not listening. 
Dealers That Sell Large Volumes of Used Gear Online
Underwood — Several purchases, always happy about the price and product (multiple PS Audio PowerPlants).HigherFI — One very happy purchase (Avalon Eidolon).USA Tube Audio — Good deals on Ayon gear (Triton III, CD07)