Krell or Pass

got $9000 for an amp should I get Pass X-350 or Krell speakers are Martin Logan CLS-2z Any help would be appreciated
Hi Harvey, I too own a pair of CLS IIz. I purchased a pair of Krell FPB-250M monoblocks back in July. I have to admit to placing too much emphasis on reviews and not enough on my own listening tastes. I'm using a Pioneer Elite PD-65 for a transport, a Meridian 563 converter and BAT VK-5I preamp. I'm not getting the harmonic richness (liquidity?) that I would like and have a feeling the fault lies with the Krells. But then again, my front end very well could be at fault. I'm considering auditioning the Blue Circle BC-2 monoblocks. Based on what I've read at their website and the fact that the president to the company is using them with a pair of CLS IIz leads me to believe that this could be a match made in heaven. My best advice would be to audition, audition, audition. And buy an amp that has a low output impedance and good current output since the CLS IIz is a 4 ohm speaker that dips down into the 2 ohm area. By the way, have you auditioned any worthy subwoofers with your speakers? I've owned my Martin Logan since October and am ready for some real bass again! Good luck! Jim
Just my opinion ,,but I would rather buy a demo FPB 600 with full warranty than a 300. You can find them for about 9K.(one of the pre 1k price increase models) . I've never heard a Pass amp so I can not comment on it performance.
My vote would be for neither. Take a look at the Vacuum Tube Logic page for some tremendously musical amps that mate very well with Martin Logans. In fact, all the speakers shown in the photos are Logan designs. Don't forget that most "best of show" awards that Martin Logan speakers win are when paired with VTL gear versus the Krell. I may be biased however, I DO own a VTL Ultimate preamp and love it :)
nelson pass of course
Hi. I have a Pass Aleph 3 and it's stunning. Pass products make music in a way that Krell can't touch. I've heard a Krell 300i and got a headache in 30 seconds. Pass plays music Krell plays with an electronic haze over everything. Go for a Pass. I know the X-series isn't the same concept as my Aleph 3 but you can always trust Pass to make great products that deliver music with the emotion intact.
I would get the Blue Circle BC2's.I haven't heard the Pass but I have heard Krell and I don't like it at all.I use Naim but I don't think it's a good match with your speakers.Jim
FYI; You can buy a new FPB600c for around 25% off if you shop the authorized dealers in Fl. I have not heard the latest Pass gear except for an aleph 3. I promise you that if you pay alot of attention to your inbound A/C power the Krell FPB600c should amaze you.
I had a Krell FPB300 (and KAS-2) as well as Pass Aleph 0 mono blocks. The Krell FPB was warm with good pace and prodigious drive and bass control. The PASS is completely different, presenting a very diffuse, relaxed sound. After a while, the Pass amps made too many things sound slow and syrupy. I have since moved on and believe an amp needs power and speed as well as warmth. Result? I'm a huge Goldmund fan. I'd try to find a Mimesis 28 or used 9. But given a choice between the Pass and Krell for your speakers, I'd go with Krell (of which I am still a fan).
Krell! I might suggest that u add 8 to 10 inches subwoofers to ur system..
Try any REL subwoofer. They are the ONLY sub that truly does what a sub is supposed to do...integrate perfectly with your speakers.
Justthis past weekend, I spent a couple hours comparing a Krell FPB300 with an ARC VK100 MkII. The Krell surprised me with its smoothness, and of course its low end was incredible. I never liked Krell, but this amp almost won me over. By the way, it was a demo offered at $5500! I have not heard the Pass, but I owned a Threshold 400A amp, an original Pass design from 20 (!) years ago until just recently. He makes nice stuff, that's for sure. Compared to the ARC tube amp, however, the Krell did not have the same degree of air and dimensionality. I am not a tube guy yet, but I'm close to being converted.
I have two systems and use Martin-Logans in each (but also have a pair of Thiels that see occasional service). Both the Logans and the Thiels are so revealing of midrange textures that solid state amps just sound either mechanical or plain irritating. I have tried the Krell but not the Pass. However, my vote is to look at a tube design. There is a lot of techno-babble about impedence issues, which I am sure is relevant, but if you try it and it works then the techno-babble doesn't matter. The tube amps I use are more lively on the Logans or Thiels than any solid state amp I have tried - figure that out. But importantly, the mids now sound like real voices and instruments. I used to avoid tubes because of the hassle factor, so do not believe I have a bias. But in my solid state days, I was always struck by the beauty of midrange sounds at live events that just did not seem to exist on my recordings. When I first put a good tube amp in place I realised what the problem had been. $9,000 is plenty. I agree with the earlier posts re VAC and VTL. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.
"Harvey": I would blame your Logans before I blamed the Krell amplifier, unless you're not conditioning the AC power for the Krell. (Krell says not to use conditioners, but they're partly wrong, because the ones that don't current limit are fine FOR SURE!) "Bmpnyc2": Rel subs are ok, but they aren't the best. "ARAGONACE": Again, you just aren't filtering the AC enough for the FPB 300. If you were, it would soundly stomp the ARC 100!
Both are wonderful and ignore what we all say and take them both home and compare them. You must have a dealer in your area the would allow it. I have owned both Pass and Krell amps and it would be personal preference. Nice choices!
Both are wonderful and ignore what we all say and take them both home and compare them. You must have a dealer in your area the would allow it. I have owned both Pass and Krell amps and it would be personal preference. Nice choices!
Harvey, don't ignore what we all say. Just buy Krell FPB-350 monoblocks USED...then you can sell them exclusively TO ME in a year or two when you uprgrade to KAS...