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Amps: Bryston vs Electrocompaniet
consider classe or lower end plinius, krell or levinson to drive ur speakers... u will be happier..than the electro or the bryston.. dynaudio loves to be dominated by the very high steady current amp. 
Amps: Bryston vs Electrocompaniet
I own a bryston before, it sounded too sharp and edge. Full spectrum music such as metallic or full jazz band was ok. The tone quality of the solo or single vocal did not come through as a clean nature sound....so I sold it to someone who was runn... 
Is 45W enough power to drive B&W N805?
if u r running clean not over rated 45 watts per/ch,,, u should not have any problem...go listen to VT60 
Speaker Cable : Low/Mid Priced Advice
get 70 cent per foot 10 g wire and twist and turn three speaker wires ..... and u will be set....some other speaker cables may sound differ but not better at the mid range priced cables... so save money and hassle,, buy a 400 ft roll "sound king" ... 
CD player finally died. Need rec.
I agree with John_1.. 100%... 
CD player finally died. Need rec.
To increase sound stage from digital source, get another amp and a pair of speakers that have opposite charateristics from ur existing speakers. 
CD player finally died. Need rec.
Bday, forget the LP.....Right LP equipments are even tougher than taking care of a one year boy. Stcik with CDs. U probably are not do or dier insane audio critic. My suggest is to get a NEW CD player. Amps, Pres or speakers, u can get it used and... 
Will 80 tube watts run MartinLogan SL3?
U will not get the full sound from ur speakers...try moderately priced high current high powered solid state. Nothing wrong with high powered Tubes, but they cost away too much. My suggest is to look into Adcom 5802, Classe over 200 watts, bryston... 
Krell or Pass
Krell! I might suggest that u add 8 to 10 inches subwoofers to ur system.. 
which amp for infinity speakers
I have had my shares of infinity speakers...from small ones to kappa's...over the years, I have found out that high power adcom or Yamaha sounds the best. They some what smoothout the cloustophobicness of the infinity speaker. 
Best speakercables for ML reQuests
transparent is the best for the money. I have quest-z with krell 300fpb. other ones are sound king's 10 gauge speaker wire at 1.00/ft. 
Best Amp for under $2000.
buy the used Krell for the following reasons. 1. The krell match up with the 801's very well 2. The krell is over all better amp than most amp out there 3. If u decide on something else, it is easy to sell 4. get 200 KSA-S, best quality krell to b...