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Possible New DAC for Discrete Opamp Rolling
I have a Kinki EX-M1 and have changed the op amps to:4 x single Muses03 plus Burson v6 Classic dual - astonishingly clean and lucid sound but lacking in weight and impact.4 x single Muses03 plus 1 Muses01 dual - incredibly natural, detailed and po... 
Vote for best US made solid state amp
Pass Aleph series. I have the Pass Aleph 3. Musical and true. 
Good 2 way speaker
Try the B&W 805 Nautilus, I've got them and they're great. Try them out, I bet you'll like them. Only 2000 dollars to instead of 8000 for the signatures. They just got Class A in Stereophile, need I say more? 
Tubes? Transistors? Which are better?
Interesting question. Transistors are very revealing and often sound harsh and non musical in my experience. Even if you can't hear it directly, there's something irritating and unnatural in the transistor sound a lot of the time. On the other han... 
Krell or Classe?
Neither, get a Pass amp. I've heard the Krell and got a headache in 1 minute. It's bright with a big electronic haze over everything. Get a Pass and hear the music instead of your hi-fi. You won't be sorry. 
Krell, Rowland. Levinson, or Pass
Go for the Pass. I have a Pass Aleph 3, it's fantastic. His products are amazingly musical! They're not lacking in detail though and the X-series is very detailed from what I've read. However, his circuits are so simple that he keeps the emotion a... 
Krell or Pass
Hi. I have a Pass Aleph 3 and it's stunning. Pass products make music in a way that Krell can't touch. I've heard a Krell 300i and got a headache in 30 seconds. Pass plays music Krell plays with an electronic haze over everything. Go for a Pass. I... 
Advise Needed for Speakers and Amplifier
I have a Pass Aleph 3, B&W Naultilus, Pass P and Meridian 508.24 bit. I suggest that you buy an Aleph 3 and the Pass X-2 preamp. You can get a used / demo Aleph 3 cheaply. The Aleph 3 is stunning, it plays music without ripping out the emotion...