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New Esoteric P02 D02
For those who are running the D-02 or the new D1, are you running the single ended or the balanced outputs? 
Esoteric K-01
We took delivery of the new K-03 and K-01 a little over 3 weeks ago. I believe we were one of the first if not the very first in the US to get them in. As with the K-03, the K-01 has many digital filter and upconversion options which can be select... 
Dunlavy SCIV 10
Dunlavy used Morel for a bit then he switched to Vifa, then finally switched to Scanspeak. 
Recommended tubes for ASL Hurricanes?
I second the EAT KT-88 recommendation. They rock.. 
Counterfeit Audio?
There are also Cardas cables clones floating around. I've been bitten already. Be careful.. 
Wilson Alexandria X2s in small room
Don't do it, it won't work.. 
The best of Biggest, Baddest monster amps ...
Krell Master Ref Amps each monoblock fed by (2) 240v lines 
Warm Power Cord?
The latest Cardas Golden Reference with Furutech plugs. 
John Dunlavy may not be with us much longer.
His designs were some of the best this industry has ever seen. Hopefully speaker designers will continue to follow and improve upon his principles of time and phase coherence. John Dunlavy was a true pioneer and a legend.. 
Sealed Subwoofer Recommendation
JL Audio is about your only choice that comes to mind. Also, if you can find one.. a REL Storm V. Seems like Sumiko doesn't want to sell a good sealed box sub. 
Esoteric X-03 SACD conversion?
Hi, I'm an Esoteric dealer. The X-03se converts DSD to PCM.. You have to go to the new X-01D2 for pure DSD playback. 
Wilson has not switched tweeter suppliers. They use Focal tweeters. They switched woofer suppliers. 
Dynaudio C1 Bass
The problem is your amp, not the speakers. The C1's can and do make bass & they sound truly amazing for a bookshelf speaker. 
Burning in period Nautilus 800?
Mids and Tweeters do break in quicker than woofers. I've heard it many many times.. Crossover parts however, take a VERY long time to break in.. a solid 3mo + for capacitors.To properly break in a woofer you must play the speaker with program mate... 
Good power cord vs Killer power cord?
Warren, If you only have one I would suggest plugging the Studio Master into the CD player, not the AM. I have found that while all locations in the system for a powercord are clearly audible, the closest position to the component should give more...