Kimber Illuminations D-60 vs. Stereovox XV2 cable

Apparently the Kimber Illuminations D-60 digital cable and the Stereovox XV2 cable were designed by the same person. Has anyone been able to make a direct comparison of these cables? The Stereovox seems to go for about half the price of the Kimber. Thanks for your help.

(I'm considering upgrading the cable feeding my Benchmark DAC-1. Currently using a Canare DV77 RCA-to-BNC.)
Buy the KCI Pegasus cable currently listed on Audiogon under digital cables.
Chris Sommovigo is the designer's name.

Get the Stereovox XV2 over the D-60. There's a reason that Chris made the XV2 to compete with the D-60.
They sound similar. XV2 has better mids and less glare than D60 in my experience.
Go with the Illuminations Orchid and don't look back (assuming that your transport has an AES/EBU output)