Kimber Select Sonics

Can anyone who has actually used them tell me the sonic differences going to the Kimber KS-1111 & KS-1116 from Kimber Hero's.Big difference in price,but is it a big improvement.What about the differences between the two Select models?
You need to make that determination for yourself. Get them both, a glass of good Scotch, have a seat and listen. All cables sound different depending on what they are hooked to. Only you can determine if a cable sounds good on your system with your ears....that's the fun of this hobby.
No one has any experience using these Kimber Select models?Hard to believe,or are the other Select models more widely preferred.Let's hear from the Kimber users.
The Hero was the first interconnect that I used when putting my system together. After that I moved up to KS-1030. The 1030 certainly had more bass authority than the Hero and produced a wider soundstage, however I found the Select to be a bit muddled sounding and lacking in upper end detail in general. The Hero was perhaps a bit more detailed and dynamic than the select 1030 in some ways. I switched to Morrow Audio MA2 cables and never looked back. They are a fraction of the price of the Kimber Select cables and sound superior in every way in my system. As always, YMMV.
I have used both cables, single ended not balanced. They are very smooth, with a sweet top end and nice pitch in the lower octaves that I initially really liked, I am referring to the 1011. It put you in the middle to back half of the concert hall, could be a little too laid back, after a while could become boring.

The 1016 has very similar traits but with added warmth, just as Kimber claims. Too much for me. No doubt these cables are for systems with a little forward character or slightly lean sound. I also preferred the sound with the older WBT's to the next gen rca's. My experience - worth a listen.