Kimber with MIT ?

I currently have my system hooked up with all MIT AVi 1 interconnects and old Terminator 2 biwire speaker cables.
I've tried about every speaker cable under $ 5-600 $ range in last twenty years except Kimber.
I'd like to go all in(for an old retired teacher)on new speaker cables.
Any thoughts as to whether Kimber 12TC would sound better than MIT cables available under $1500 or so, like CVT2, Shotgun S3.3 or AVT MA ? 80% classical,19% jazz, 1% motown

Modded PAS 3 or EE minimax
Odyssey amp
CA 740 CD
NHT 2.5 i speaks( a great speaker on classical)
Since you have an Odyssey amp, I would call Klaus at Odyssey and ask about the Groneberg premium speaker cables. Your amp is wired with them and it would make a perfect extension to your speakers. I previously had Terminator2 speaker cables with my Odyssey amp and I upgraded to the Groneberg cables. The effect wasn't subtle by any means. I liked it so much, I am now using a groneberg interconnect between my preamp and amp as well.
You need to hear them yourself to make that decision.
I have Groneberg SC and IC, while they are OK, in my rig the old T2 sound better, at least on Classical.
It's been my impression that Classical listeners look for different thing than rock people, at least ones who regulary attend the symphony etc . I could be wrong of course.
I can tell you that the MIT Matrix 28 cables I am using on loan now from a dealer will become MINE next week. I've listened exhaustively and nauseatingly to all kinds of cable, from Monster XP, to Audioquest Rock 44, to DH Labs, Silversonic, to Morrow SP5 and NONE have come even close to the MIT for balanced detailed presentation at ANY volume. I'm listening now at a relatively low volume level and the harmonic presentation of piano and percussion is outstanding with no need or desire to turn up the volume for proper sonic balance. They are just incredible. The MIT are more expensive but absolutely worth every penny. I'm sold!

I am using Odyssey's Kismet reference floorstanding speaker which is also wired with the Groneberg. Perhaps that is why the speaker wire and interconnect made such a profound difference in my system.
I am currently doing demo on a number of spk cables, including Kimber 12tc biwire. Comparing them against AZ Satori, Dh labs Q10, Granite audio and Audience conductor. Others I have tried Clear day cables ,Carver pro, Crimson and many others. I have found in my system that the Kimber 12tc did not stand out , I felt the sound stage was nice but the timing off and veiled mindrange. Though this is in my system only. For what it is worth I found the Audience Conductor to be the best by a wide margin. Good Luck.
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Stereo5, I do thank you for the groneberg sugestion, they are a lively , big sounding cable with good tone ,if I listened to rock I probaly would just stop there.
They do not however, reproduce the harmonic overtones of insruments ,esp. strings that make symphonic pieces sound like music not just good "hi-fi:, At least thats what MY hears hear.
No knock on Groneberg very few cables seem to, at least at a price I can afford, only ones I've personally heard that do are MIT, which,I suspect might bore a rocker to death.
Different horses for different courses.
Wow we have just about the exact set up. I'm using a denon 4802 as pre amp. Have stratos plus for mains and odl for rears. All 2.5i's Denon powers audio center 1 and 1.5's for surround backs. Got 10ft pair of single wire Mit cvt 2's off ebay for 438.00. That stratos plus never put out bass like this before. Not just in authority but finesse too.
Wow ! Tycob, I just finished ordering an 8ft bi-wire set of CVT2 and a 1m Cvt2 IC !!
I'd love to hear your impressions of the MIT CVT 2 cables. I'm looking at interconnects now to go with my MIT speaker cables. There is a lot of talk about matching interconnects and speaker cable within the same brand adding synergy. I don't know about that but probably designed using the same philosophy.
OK.Jam , will arive next Wend per FedEx, I'll run'em a few days and let ya know.
Thanks Shubert, looking forward to it.
Cvt2 biwire and IC pretty well broken in , What I hear,over my old T2's- is a greater sense of solidity and coherence to the music, esp. complex music like symphony, and a much greater seperation between intruments and lines . Also, a more "refined" sense of tone in both bass and highs, not as big a diff in mids.
Biggest change is usually a 3-d "holigraphic" image with rock solid spatial location, T2 would do this once in a while, CVt2 more often than not, not being not recorded in 1st place.
Keep in mine T2's had already bested the wires I had enough of for a complete stystem hookup, "loom" some call it. That inclused Straightwire, Morrow, AudioArt, MAC. Wireworld. DH Labs, HarmonyTech and Mapleshade.Middle grades of all lines. DNM reson is my next fave SC but I have none of their IC's.
All in all, I find it $850 well spent !
Good news Schubert! MIT bass is exacting. When it is on the recording and goes deep you know it and feel it, no regular thumping. I added a pair of CVT-1 balanced IC's from my DAC to integrated amp and noted increased spacial presentation as well. Detailed highs but with the correct timbre, the bit of roughness in reeds and horns, the sounds that make each instrument different.
I tried the Digital Shotgun for a week on loan but couldn't justify the difference from some less expensive Kimber DV30 so I have a MIT AVt1 digital cable on the way for my CD to DAC connection and see what all MIT sounds like. I'm pretty much done with cables so its on to room acoustics now for tweaking.