...just wondering

if anyone has auditioned VPI's new ceramic platter....I understand that its a drop in upgrade to the Classsic platter. I just bought one (coming in 2 weeks or so) and was wondering if anyone has heard it.
No, but coincidentally, I spoke with Mike at VPI today about my Classic. Mike mentioned that in about 2 or 3 weeks VPI will be introducing a new tone arm for the Classic 2. The new tone arm will have a fixed gimbel like the Travler arm, but on steroids to match the performance of the Classic. In addition, VPI will be rolling out a custom Grado made to spec for the VPI CLassic.
Auditioned? How would anyone even hear about it? There is no mention of it on the VPI's website (or anywhere else that I know of, for that matter). Is there a secret VPI club where these things are announced?
Harry, you old fox and a genius at marketing at that. Create buzz and they will beat a path to your bank account. So, will the ceramic platter sound better then what you already have. Maybe. Best to offer a full refund to buyers that purchase. Proof is in the listening. In any event, VPI upgrades have always been an expensive path to improvement. It gives Harry profit with a 'long tail'. We will be listening.
VPI had an open house a few weeks ago to introduce a prototype of their new direct drive turntable. This gathering also introduced the new 3D printer arm wand and the ceramic platter.

I really don't think anyone has one yet? Stringreen, you might be the first. You'll need to let us know how it sounds, when you get it.
I have to say I am skeptical of many of VPI's upgrades, many seem to contradict their previous upgrade revelations. Maybe Im just bitter, I was never satisfied with my Aeries and spending more on upgrades never solved my problems.
When I get it and listen, I will let you all know. I'm also in line for the new printed tonearm.
Dear Stringreen: Certainly I don't know nothing about that VPI ceramic platter and its specific design so I can't say anothing about, in the other side I would like to share my experiences with ceramic:

Audio technica and Audiocraft ( between other companies. ) marketed ceramic TT mats that were with high build quality and ( like almost all in audio with " new " products. ) had high success. I owned both and I used for a few months and after that I sold it because did not improve the quality performance experience.

Ceramic is way resonant contrary on what many of us can think. I had SAEC and Victor very expensive headshells ( beautiful made. ) with the same result and any one of you could remember that Graham used once ceramic as arm wand and " suddenly " they took out of production. I own and owned cartridges with full ceramic cartridge body and not the best out there: as I said ceramic at the cartridge needs is way resonant.

Btw, to fragile too.

Regards and enjoy the music,
Raul....Harry tells me that the ceramic platter is really the current aluminum platter, with a bonded shell of ceramic material. I will have both to compare, and will post my findings (just my taste...others might disagree)
oh..Harry also tells me that the new arm is jaw dropping better than anything made....no resonances at all... I will post when I get the new arm and provide my thoughts.
How much is the new platter?
Actusreus....I'm hesitant about telling you the price Harry told me....E-mail him and let HIM tell you. I thought it very reasonable, ...also reasonable is the price of the new arm. Every time I've upgraded with Harry's suggestion, I've been pleased...except for the 9 inch to 10.5 which resulted in only a bit of an improvement if any at all.
The change to rim drive from belt drive was a bit vexing, but now that I've got it right, its recommended. The Classic platter is much better than the Super Platter...etc.
Ok, thanks Stringreen. I look forward to your impressions after you've spun the new platter for a while.