Wondering about Usher Mini Dancers

Anyone heard the new Usher Mini Dancer One or Two, perhaps at a show? These look promising at realistic price points. I think they are relatively new.
I listen to the Mini Dancer 1's every day in my system. They are both excellent value for the money. You can take that with a grain of salt if you want since I am an Usher dealer. The better upstream components you feed them, the more they respond. But, that doesn't mean you have to go nuts on spending to get them to sound good. Give them good power as well. I'd say 150W per channel or more. The Playback Magazine review of the Mini Dancer 2 is pretty spot on, in my opinion. The Mini Dancer 1 sounds a lot like the BE-718 (US version), but it extends a little deeper and has a little more bass heft.
im interested in usher BE 718, but im a little confuse with "US VERSION" and maybe "other version"
what is that actually?

I checked out the Playback review. There was no mention of this on the Usher site last time I checked. I will check out the speakers when I get a chance. Thanks
The US vs other version of the BE 718's has something to do with the crossovers. If you search the web, you'll find lots of information about this. Also, you'll find the Music Matters guys to be very responsive in answering questions about this issue.
i heard the mini dancer 2's at ces. very fine! they were just getting broke in. for the $$$$, they compete with others i saw that were many times the price.