Is a Bryston 3B SST2 enough for Magnepan 3.7i or 20.7?


I currently have a Bryston 3B SST2 with BP26 Preamp.  My current speakers are Magnepan .7s with a small KEF sub.  I love the combination but am getting the upgrade bug.  

I'm just not sure the 3B SST2 has enough power to drive the 3.7i's or even the 20.7s well.  I do not listen at very high volume levels, as a good deal of my listening is late at night after everyone else is asleep.  That is another concern is that will the amp drive them well at very low volume?  Not sure I would need the sub with the 3.7s or 20.7s.

Appreciate any thoughts from Bryston and Maggie owners.



Hello, my first instinct was to to say no, a 3b would not be enough, Maggie's love and require power, but since you said you do not listen loud it the 3b might do just fine. Could you bring it to your dealer and have a listen? 

Yes taking the 3B SST2 to a dealer is definetly an option and what I will try to do.  Thanks for the input.