McCormack DNA-500 vs Bryston 14B SST vs EC Nemos

Anyone compare these three (or just the McCormak and Brystons)? I have not heard any of these but wonder about them for Thiel 7.2s?
The McCormack and the Bryston are both terrific amps, and the EC product line has always had a fine reputation. The Bryston has, by far, the best warranty (if that's a buying consideration). Of these amps, I'd go with either the McCormack or the Bryston, but you should audition both with your speakers -- preferably in your home, with the rest of your system -- before you make a purchase. Both will do a fine job of driving your Thiels, but they do have slightly different sonic characteristics. The Bryston 14B-SST may be the most "chameleon-like" in its qualities, perhaps because it is very neutral, allowing the other components in your system to exhibit more of their own "character".

I have heard both the Bryston and the McCormack amps you are considering, and I could live very happily with either one.
I have heard both in my system. The 14B SST grabs the speakers by the balls and makes them cry for their Mommy...and they cry very nicely...and loudly, if desired. Very clean and neutral as Sdcampbell mentioned. Stunning bass. It had a smidge of brightness in my system.

The DNA-500 has similar control, but with some finesse in the highs that the 14B SST lacks, IMO. If your system is overall dark in character, the 14B SST might be a refreshing boost. Otherwise, the DNA-500 is a fine choice, too.
the bryston. the mccormick. the ec-in that order
What about throwing Rowland 501's int to the mix? Have not heardthem either