Integrated Amp for Girlfriend?

Hi Folks:
I want to get an integrated amp for my girlfriend and would value any advice or recommendations. I hope to spend anywhere from $400 to $800 and am open to new or used stuff. I'm particularly interested in an aesthetically cool looking unit - I am considering the Blue Circle CS integrated, for example. She would be very open to tube designs too(she loves my tube gear). Thanks!
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I just picked up a used macintosh 4275 ss receiver for my office. It's 75 watts, compact, great looking & great sounding.
The Blue Circle CS is very new; but based on Gilberts other offerings, I am confident it will be nice.

Other integrated amps to consider in that range is the Audio Refinement Complete; and the Creek 4340R or 4340R Mk2.

The CS is not remote capable I believe, if that matters. The "R" on the Creek denotes it has the optional remote. The Complete's remote is also optional.

The Audio Refinement Complete will be the most "tube like".

For new stuff, I'd also suggest the Rega Mira 2000. It's look is pretty trendy.
With patience, you can get a used one cheap.

Hope this helps.
Guys, thanks for the suggestions - all good. I think the McIntosh may be a bit clunky for her taste (great product though). Yes, the Blue Circle won't have the remote - should be fine though. Yea, I have the Blue Circle BC2s and love them - that's a key reason I'm considering the CS - looks like a nice, tidy, femme-friendly package too.

Also, I do have the likes of Creek and Rega on my list of considerations - love the British mid level amps (also considering Musical Fidelity and Arcam) - they're all a bit 'boxy' though. I think she may appreciate something a bit more interesting looking (I know the sonics are the key, but I think she'd be looking for a good looking amp too). Yes, Audio Refinement would be another nice choice (I have the YBA CD1a from same designer, and love it - have a lot of respect for YBA's design philosophies). Am also considering the Jolida 302b - don't know much about it but got a nice offer on a new one, and it has that interesting tubey look.

She, like the rest of her department at work, are losing their jobs this week, so I want to perk her up with a good system (I have speakers and front end and cables I can give her, but need the nice amp to go with it). Cheers,
I picked up a used Naim Nait here on Agon for my girlfriend about a year ago. I think they're aesthetically cool looking by virtue of their simplistic front panel. She loves it! It must have worked too..... she's my fiancee now!

Good luck!
I second the Audio Refinement. With only three feet instead of four, it is set apart from the other boxes. Sound is great, and the remote is really nice. I'm very happy with the unit and looks matter to me.
How about Anthem Integrated 1?
If you REALLY love her, get her a YBA Integre Passion (around $4,500) :-)... Seriously, the YBA Integre single transformer may be a good solution if you can find it used...

The Audio refinment is a great deal as well... Even if purchased new.

Happy shopping
You wanted to get an intergrated amp for your girlfriend? I'd be happy to give you one for her. Is she nice? Krell or Rotel?
BTW I saw the blue circle int. at the recent HES show and it had 3 different kinds of wood for each of the 3 knobs- particularly cool loooking , I thought-
Get her the Creek 4330R, a good power cord and a Highwire Wirewrap. Good enough is hard to beat...
Please send pic of your girlfriend to help decide if it worth the trade for my intergrated amp ;c)
Agree with Sugerbrie, the Blue Circle CS is a nice little unit at a fair price. Been using one with a pair of Spendor S3/5s and very pleased. Lack of a remote minor issue for me.
I am broken record on this int., but you can not go wrong with a used LFD Mistral, about $500. Very attractive and sweet sounding.
She's losing her job, and you're messing around looking at dinky little slim-line boxes? Quit playing cheap and get her a C-J CAV-50 or a VTL IT-85, if you want to keep her past the unemployment checks!
-As long as she can get by with only 15 watts/channel. You'll need easy to drive speakers but the amp is very nice sounding and the investment is minimal.

The unit will accept high output phono cartidges so a turntable is possible. The line section is passive- theres a total of 8 tubes in the unit.

By rebuilt: new power supply filter caps and new coupling caps in the output section. Find a decent set of 6BQ5s or else put in new ones. Set up right, the amp is very reliable. Set up poorly and you'll be pulling your hair out.

The fun part is it'll totally give the new integrated amps a run for the money- it has the best sounding output transformers Dyna made.
The Musical Fidelity A3 is great and can be found for about $700-$750 here on the gon. BTW it looks great too.
Outliar: What speakers will she be using? Based on this I might be able to make a few integrated tube amp suggestions. Also what is the price of the CS (it is quite attractive as is other BC gear).
Hi, thanks again for all the responses. I don't want to spend too much (rather upgrade my own system :-), so would rather spend in the $600 area. I'm still leaning toward the Blue Circle CS as I think she'll like that most and I'm already a happy Blue Circle owner. I think the CS retails for about $800, but I believe a 20% can be had direct from Blue Circle with shipping included if there's no dealer in one's area. Anyway, I'll think about it further. Speakers would be $300 infinity bookshelfs (can't remember the model # offhand). They should do the job. CD player, will, alas, be either a CD walkman or some cheap Sony DVD player (I know, almost sacrilege, but will get her started - I'm hoping the amp will be the first step toward long term upgrades for her).

Dekay, by the way, in reference to an older thread, I took your advice and got loads of IKEA Lack tables for my components - they work so well - I cut all but 3 inches off the legs. Thanks for this cost effective idea (so cheap, that the shipping cost more than the tables :-) Cheers,
I've a correction on the CS price - Blue Circle told me the retail is $1195, and with discount would be $920 plus $25 for shipping, if there's no dealer in the area. So, looks a bit pricey. I've pulled out an old Harmon Kardon receiver (AV10) from my garage that I may give her to get her going ($200 on jewelery may work better as a gift than a $950 amp that she'll only half appreciate ;-)
It may not have tubes or the required "coolosity" but Creek makes some of the best products in the price range.
Problem solved !

Email Walter Liederman at for
details on the Jolida 1501RC, a sweet integrated hybrid
amp that costs under $600. I just bought one and it
sings. Your girlfriend would be very happy. Pair it
with a MMF-CD25 (Music Hall) CD player ($500) and you've
got the makings of a near-audiophile system.

Tom, Nashville
Bought my then-gf a used peachtree on agon; she dug keenly the wee tube in front. Had her spring for a pair of Tannoy small floorstanders. 6" drivers I recall. Not a bad starter system, that she'll have for life.