girlfriend problems

So I'm trying to convince my girlfriend that we should audition some preamp/amp choices like Cary, VTL, Triode Corp.

However, she's insistent of saving up for a Joule-Electra because when we auditioned our Dali's from Acoustic Image, the first amp we heard them through was a VZN-80.

Admittedly, we both melted when we heard that amp but I think Joule Electra is way out of our price range...what's a guy to do?!? Show her the estimated power bill with this amp?
That's not a problem. A problem is when they don't support you audio interest.
You call that a problem?
LOL!! Yeah, we all should have such "problems".
Be a man. Get some Joules between my speakers!! :)
That came out wrong. HA
(when re-arranging sentencing, don't hit the post button by mistake)
I guess that's why God made most girlfriends not know the difference between an amp and an Ipod. :^)
If it's tubes, go with Cary. You won't be sorry. She might, but that won't hurt me any.
Will she help pay for the new family Joules?
At best, what you have is a mixed blessing. If the Joule is too expensive, the path you take with your girlfriend will be a wonderful experience. We should all be so lucky.

Elliot is probably beside himself if he's read this.

All the best,
Now that's what we call "a first world problem";-) FWIW, I really like the Joule VZN-80, but I'm not so sure it's the best amp for the Dali's. OTOH, if you heard is and liked it, then go for it.
Buy it on time over the next 18 mos ~ same as cash with no interest if possible. They are both keepers! :>) Lucky you!
Wow, can I marry her? What a sweetheart. You're a lucky dude, dude!
I would recommend that you read her post, "What to do about a boyfriend who won't pony up the cash to reach audio nirvana" I am sure it is here somewhere.
Don't wait for her to suggest a Manley Shrimp amp.....:)
Girlfriend have a disaster on your hands! LOL! My girlfriend of 34 years doesn't have those sorts of problems....but that is for a different site!
I suppose I could suggest monoblocks and we each pay for half!

All in all, she's pretty awesome about supporting this "hobby." In fact, if I didn't move in the LPs first she probably wouldn't have let me move in at all!
The harder you try to comvince her of something, the more
she will resist, right? Why not arrange for a surprise home audition
of a piece? Make sure everything is set up properly before she listens.
Your statement of intent, to her... "What really matters is the sound we get in own setting (right, Sweetheart)."

Let us know how this goes!
To be serious for a moment, since you have to save up for the Joule, make a few more trips to the dealer and listen to the Joule for as long as you can to see if that first impression sticks over the long haul. Also, if you are planning on buying the Joule from this dealer, he should let you take the amp home to audition.

What model Dalis did you get?
My suggestion is to marry her ASAP
Tomcy6 has a great idea. An in home audition! What a concept!!!

Yep, Markpao is also on NEED this woman bro. I & some others assumed that you put "girlfriend problems" in the subject line as a joke...haha. Cause we have had "real" girlfriend problems...haha

Hope you both enjoy lots of great music in the future!

It is clear to me that your girl friend has become way to involved in you " hobby, love, past time, free time…..not sure what to call it..You need to think for your self, man up as they say……you need to get advice from those people you really trust,……..the goners….God Bless Them…….

She is not your friend…consider her your future X wife...
Ladies like that just don't fall out of the trees. Marry the girl, she sounds like a real Joule to me.
Might I suggest that you propose marriage and instead of buying a jewel for her hand, you buy a Joule for her ears.
So my girlfriend wants to have sex with me all the time! What's a guy to do?!?
Continue to enjoy that problem you have.
@Rockadanny, Make damn sure you don't get her pregnant!!!
Rockadanny may be possessed by the spirit of Rodney Dangerfield, back to keep us all entertained for Halloween and maybe also to strike revenge and make us all a tad jealous.
Rockadanny - send her to me

Tortilla - bring home the cheapest receiver you can find plus the best ring you can afford and ask for her hand. Explain to her, I love that you are so interested in my audio hobby and I want to share this with you forever so I got you this ring. Audio means absolutely nothing to me unless I have you in my life. She's already suportive of your hobby which is what we all want from our mates and with this move, she'll forever be your audio ally. She may then realize that the Joule is just a possession and not so important and perhaps may leave the decisions on audio up to you.....either way, she's a keeper.
I haven't heard about Elliot in years. He's about the most low key dealer there is.
@Tortilladc, please keep us posted! Curious to know what you decide. Who knows what will happen?!? Two thing's are for certain... You are definitely doing something right with the ladies, and definitely on the right track to sonic bliss. So keeps it real brotha!

Take a listen to the deHavilland preamplifiers as well.
It appears she feel in love with the tube sound;what speakers are you going to be driving?
Oh yeah nice problem to have until see looks at the prices perhaps.
I had a problem with my 'ex' wife.
One morning at the kitchen table I meant to say,
'Please pass the biscuits', but instead, said,
'You've ruined my life you horrible bitch.'
Things went down hill from there.
And, of course, no tube electronics.
Freudian slip happens to all of us at some point in time. ;)
@Larsky, your last post made me shed tears...
...tears of laughter

That's just proof that it doesn 't always come out in the wash...
...sometimes it happens at the kitchen table.
Midlife crisis in the neurotic overpaid upper middle class can be a real bxxxx, especially when the pair is not a peer:)
Help! I'm ready to explode. My wife just got it into her head that she needs to decorate my sound room. She wants to move my coach, hang pics, put a IKEA cheapo table in the room -- all while I'm listening to my rig. It has taken me months to tweak the position of the coach and speakers. There has to be some place I can have some peace and quiet!! Oooppss, here she comes. Gotta go. Bye.
Typo correction: "coach" should be "couch."
Help. I showed my wife these posts and she said lets take some money out of our RRSP's and get me a great system too. Well, I love my music-but I do not want to spend my "retirement" funds to buy new gear that will be obsolete in 5 years. With the upgrades in chips, transistors, digital--even speaker cones will be revolutionized with new much stronger and stiffer than steel fabrics. I have to say no--but very gently--help.
I really enjoyed this thread, laughing out of the chair!, Hey, I am blessed with such a great woman!, she loves audio so much, she paid by her self $3,152.38 to renew my Krell 700cx amp, she is also a musician too!, man can she sing!, plays an up-right bass, claranet,etc.., she is totally with the high-end audio hobby, 12 years younger than me too!
Audiolabrynth -- let's switch. R u ready for this?? I was playing an unusually well recorded CD of a medley of familiar Mozart overtures. My wife said they were depressing. Huh??

So ... I got even. I have a well recorded CD of the best of Cheryl Crowe. I turned up the speaker gain and the sub gain too. The kitchen floor was shaking. My wife started screaming at me. She even made me sit on a kitchen chair so I could feel the floor vibrations. Yeah -- the chair was shaking too. Man .. the house was rockin.'

Well ... she won that battle, but I had a good private chuckle. Was it worth it?? Of course. :)
@ Bifwynne, LOL!, you are a nut!, very cool!, I am still laughing, I got to keep my girl, one to love this hobby as much as I do is hard to find, really, nonexsistant!
Screw the amp, get a better preamp first!
My friend, you are both blessed and cursed to have a significant other who appreciates high-fidelity! My wife could give a rats a** about sound, and thinks I’m nuts…However, if she had an interest, I can just imagine her pouring through AudiogoN barking out orders to try this, and sell that, and then trying to agree on what is the sound of choice… I would probably be driven down the road to insanity, perhaps happily… But for now, I’ll covet the corner of sound to my own ears and get back to the thread.

I don’t know what type of Dali’s you’re running, I have been running a pair of Dali Euphonia MS4’s for about 6 years and these are some power hungry fella’s. I think I have meet their needs with a Bryston 4BSST Pro, this has handled the load quite respectively for the last 5 years. My pre-amp is a tubed Cary SLP-98; so far the two have played very nicely together. The Cary brings in warmth and color with nice staging. The Byston lurks very quietly but is always ready to provide a whole lot of slam when needed. Good luck in the continual quest! Cheers
My girlfriend says my equipment is too old and shw wants to buy me all new. I don't know how to tell her I'd rather buy a condo, rent it out and use the money to buy music? HELP!This is a real tough one.
@ Tordilladc, Hi, I wanted to get an up-date from you, How did you make out?, cheers.
Hi folks...I really appreciate all the good advice. The outcome may be better than anticipated and I'll know for sure within a month or so. I don't want to jinx it so I'll wait before sharing the details here!
Ok, I look forward to it.

I am keeping my fingers crossed for you. Let's hope things go as planned.
Ok folks, since I alluded to this on another post, I might as well spill the beans. As a result of a most unexpected and most generous offer from another member of this forum, I have acquired a Joule-Electra VZN-80 (serial number 001 no less). It was sitting in storage, in need of some repair to restore it to full operating potential. Currently, it's awaiting a full diagnosis and repair but I have confidence that this unit will be returned to its former glory.

If the gentleman who bestowed upon me this great gift would like to step forward and tip his hat, I'll leave him to it, otherwise I'll respect his privacy and leave it at that.

In the meantime I'll pepper the forums with newbie questions about OTL setup and do's and don'ts!