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Best Stevie Wonder Album?
Not necessarily the best one but the best memory for me personally.I was 11 years old and had just returned home after 2 months away at camp- I walk into my room and my parents sit me down and put on 'Music of My Mind" for me. 
CDPs That Have Volume Control +Variable Output
The Oppo players have remote=controlled volume-They don't cost much but a lot of people like them. 
Speakers for live piano performance
I am a keyboard player in NYC -Check out the Motion Sound stuff- It is a cut above- (made here as well). 
Small monitor- made in the states
Thanks so much everyone for all the input.I should've stated that I have a small budget to work with ($500 or so) and that used is always an option. I am very interested in the Silverlines and have had two (long) talks with Fritz. I really hope th... 
Non classical piano based music recommendaiton
I could go on all day on this one-Herbie Hancock-"Gershwin's world" and an older album with Milton Nascimento-"Miltons"Any Brad Meldau--one of the exciting younger playersKeith Jarrett- "facing you " (his first solo Lp on ECM) and Lou Harrison's c... 
Looking for an integrated tube amp USA or Europe
Rogue AudioVTLBruce MooreKora (France)Croft (UK)Almarro (Japan,not China) 
Keith Jarrett recommendation
I am also a long time fan( i actually spent a few days w/ him in 1978)- You probably know 'facing you' but if not it is very special and also a duo w/Jack Dejohnette from the same time (early 70's) called 'Rutya and Daitya' I could go on for a lon... 
alternatives to spikes on wood floors?
Another possibility is Polycrstal spikes (available from the cable co.) which would be a sonic improvement and will not make holes in your wood floors unless your kids use the speakers as skateboards- 
CD Player to match Classe amp and Kestrels
I am using HR Kestrals w/ an Audio Refinement integrated and the same i.c. that you have- My cdp is a Rotel 971 with some mods and is an excellent fit in the system- AdamBTW I just added some polycrystal spikes to replace the stock spikes and that... 
Integrated Amp for Girlfriend?
BTW I saw the blue circle int. at the recent HES show and it had 3 different kinds of wood for each of the 3 knobs- particularly cool loooking , I thought- Adam 
Need Suggestions on CD Player under 1k
another option which could come in under 1k is to pick up a used Tjoeb and have Dan Wright modify it- Adam 
Kestrals and SETs?
the Antares is way uot of my price range- are you selling that line? 
Like Herbie Hancock's funk, more please
Weather report is a good place to start-Joe Zawinul's solo projects are more groove oriented-check out "my people" or "black water"the first jazzmataz (sp.?)Eddie harris and Lee Morgan are two jazz players who had the funk thing going in the 60's-... 
1700 on a whole system-could I have done better?
you could not have done better- you could have done different but it looks great- you started out with above average cables too-enjoy! 
Who build's Hybrid Integrated's wth Remote??
Kora also makes one- I think it is called the Explorer