Integrated amp for Focal Sopra 2

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....Pathos, ML, Hegel, lumin, Anthem, Nad.
Focal and Naim  merged in 2011.
I have read , they oriented their products to have good synergies when used together.
Maybe, Naim Supernait 3  could be a good choice.
What aspects of sound reproduction do you value most? What amp are you using now, and what specifically would you like to improve upon?  The usefulness of any suggestions you get here will be directly proportional to the amount and quality of information you provide.
i did not know that naim and focal are under the same ownership

Currently have Bryston b135 integrated 
Important to me inner detail and deep soundstage 
‘What integrated might be a significant upgrade?
What’s your budget?  New or used?
There’s a Vitus RI-100 here for $5850 ($13,000 new) so well within your budget.  Just buy it, take your ball and go home. 
How loud do you play your music and are you vinyl, digiral, cds ?
Micromega M100 or M150, should able to find them for good price now. 
I had the focal sopra 2’s. Also had a audio research GSI75. This was a pretty great pairing. I see a few gsi75’s on audiogon right now. And right in your price range.
Norma Revo IPA-140B. It has a darker nature that will match very well with Focal and will only be limited by the gear around it.

Note: I am the distributor. I didn’t want to be from a pure business point (I wasn't really in a position to pick up another brand), but after I heard their amplifiers, I found alternative funding to make sure I could represent them.