I've narrowed it down but...

I've narrowed my choice for my first AVR to these, and I can still buy them new within my price range.
Yamaha RX-A740
Denon AVR-X2100
Marantz NR1605

They all have wi-fi and a reputation for good sound.
My front three speakers are 87db 6ohm speakers, and I may not use rears because of space in our townhome. I'm interested in having a center channel to hear dialogue more clearly, instead of an integrated amp because of my age. They all have more than enough features for me, including room correction, and sound quality is very important.
I am personally a Marantz fan.

Be sure to check www.accessories4less.com for great deals.  I have purchased 2 receivers and a blu-ray player from them with perfect results.
Thanks, that is where I got the best prices to put this selection of receivers together. Have you heard this or other Marantz avrs?
Make sure you read their online information regarding each brand they carry for each item that you are looking at so you are know exactly what it is you are buying from them. They will not be new, they will be refurbished.
I have been happily using the Marantz NR1501 since lightning took out my SR7000 several years ago.  This is an older version of the NR1605.
I like the look and features of the 1605. I hope 50wpc is enough when the others are 90wpc. My living/dining area is 22x18. But ultimately I want the best sound, what ever the brand.
50 watts is pretty low in this day and age of AVR's.  The dynamics are fairly high in theater and that may not cut it for a movie.  87db isn't so efficient.  Also, watch the impedance with the Yamaha.  They don't like less than 8 ohms.
Is wifi that necessary?  You can get it through your blueray player for a lot less money.
I was wondering about the low power of Marantz. The Denon would be a better choice of these w/ almost double the power and ability to drive lower impedance.
I read that one, but others gave it a very good review. Makes you wonder. Maybe I should look at the Yamaha and Marantz more seriously.
I'm having issues with Denon's website, so I can't be specific, but if you can afford it, consider getting a model with pre-outs available.  Then you can get an amp later.

I've owned three lowish end (<$1000) Marantz and two Denon.  The three Marantz all had problems.  The first spent roughly 6 weeks in the shop during the first year, and Marantz was nice enough to finally upgrade me to the next model up.  Then that one eventually failed in one of the surround channels (I still used it for a while in Stereo in a different room).  I then switched to Denon based on a recommendation and was quite pleased.  I had no issues, but after upgrading speakers, I needed an amp to drive them and my Denon didn't have pre-out.  So I bought a Marantz again because it had pre-outs at a cheaper price point than Denon (and i'm pretty sure at this point Marantz and Denon are owned by same company?).  Within days, I was having problems with the Marantz spontaneously changing input sources.  So I returned it and bought a more expensive Denon with pre-outs. 

So, in terms of reliability, I've personally had better luck with Denon.  In terms of features, if you may want to add an amp in the near future, try to get a receiver with pre-outs.
If your primary use is for video, I'm not so sure that ultimate sound quality is all that important for a couple of reasons- first, I think we are primarily visual animals and so the video quality dominates our sensory expericne.  Second, I don't think most video content providers put much of a premium on the audio portion of their content delivery.  I will tell you that my Marantz SR 5006 sounds WAY less powerful than its 100 wpc rating.  If I had to do it over again, I'd have gone for more power. 
I ordered the Yamaha RX-A740 Advantage receiver and BD-S677 BluRay w/SACD universal player from A4L. Looking forward to my first new pieces of equipment since the early '70s.
Opps! My fingers were typing unconsciously, I ment Aventage not Advantage.
let us know how everything turned out...I shopping for an av receiver too.
Not sure weather to get newest 2.2 hcd 4 k or not
I ordered the Yammie rxa740 and bds677 on Wed morning and received it on Fri morning. Fast shipping from A4L.

I upgraded software on both units to the latest available from their website using a usb thumb drive.

I've begun setting it up using their mic for a 3.0 system with the L/R speakers bi-amped (rear speakers and sub will coming later) The sound is quite boomy. I looks like the shown frequency response has big bass peak and mid-bass peak. Wonder if I should manually adjust the response so I'll have the play with it to tweak the sound, but I work today and tomorrow so it will be slow going.

Tough my center speaker are 6 ohms and L/R are 4 ohm, I tried the 6 ohm impedance setting but it looses dynamics, so switched it back to 8 ohms.

Over all sound is clearer and more dynamic than my 23 yr old Denon stereo receiver. I'm liking it.
Turned off various dynamic sound features and re-calibrated the system. It sounds clear, balanced and wonderful now. Sacds and hdcds sound stunning.
The system is so revealing it is easy to hear the improvement in sound stepping up from CDs to HDCDs to SACDs. Sound is very involving which I thought was not possible w/ an AVR and Bluray/SACD player. I think I'm a convert to home theater. BTW, movies are staggeringly convincing too.
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You made a good choice with the Yammy AVR.  Good sound quality and you likely won't have to bring it in for repairs, which is a major PITA.  And at 6 Ohms your speakers are an easy load for the Yamaha, which, admittedly, doesn't have the most robust power supply.  My biggest reservation on recommending them, and why I recommend stepping up to Anthem if at all possible.