Narrowed to three choices

In my search for Hi Eff speakers I have narrowed it to these three.
Audio Note Kit 3
K.C.S not sure which one
Klipsch La Scalla used
My room is 13'x 26'x 7'. I will buy amps to match the final slection, so if you recommend one of these please say what amp you think works best. I want comments good and bad about these. The only one I have heard are the Klipsch and not in my room.
Thanks for your responses
The Klipsch probably offer the best value, esp. with some mild damping/xover tweeks but as an inveterate lover of all things DIY, John's offerings are my pick. Try a chip amp [gain clone] or a low buck "imported" tube amp. Add a Rega 3 and you're done.