I need more Funk

I've had two discs in my SACD lately that I just can't get enough of, Herbie Hancock's Head Hunters & Jeff Beck's Blow by Blow. These two discs never fail. So what other choices are out there? I want to hear incredible musicians playing exciting music on good recordings that don't bore me to death like some jazz I've been exposed to. I need to boogie so give me some suggestions.
Earth Wind & Fire - Gratitude

Need more funk? How about Parliament/Funkadelic?

If you are looking for funky jazz, give Ornette Coleman and Prime Time a try.

The motherlode, however, is the four CD box set entitled The Funk Box. It is absolutely great.
Stanley Clark Bassic Collection.
I can't speak for the recording quality, but any Jeff Beck from that period--Wired, Live with Jan Hammer--should do it. Also, I don't know if this would qualify as 'funk' or 'funky jazz', but John Scofield 'Uberjam' is pretty funky, and is a very good recording for redbook, especially percussion, and has some whopping bass.
I don't know about SACDs but the early to mid Tower Of Power stuff always knocks me out as well as the JBs both are horn driven FUNK-r&b. Bound to get you funkifized......"Knock Yourself Out"

Cheers, Lee
I was listening to a little Tower of Power last night as a matter of fact & yup I got funkifized. I sort of forgot about Scofield, thanks for the reminder.
I dig on some very serious funk. Check out Praxis "Transmutation" a wierd blend of funko-punko-metallo-jazz-o-delic fusion on axiom label. This CD is excellently recorded on the small private studio.
If you won't like it from the first time, second time listen after glass of wine or shot of whiskey or if you don't mind some pufffff and you will believe that this is the most funko-delic stuff you've ever listened to...
What's Pufff?
is that the stuff that comes out of my amp when I blow a tube?
"Pronounce" 'fff' to yourself not like conventional sound 'f' he..he...:-)
funny how that ALWAYS makes the music better, eh ;)
Miles Davis "On the Corner"
The Philadelphia Experiment (Modern Recording)
Seems like you're aiming for a tight jazz/funk sound:

Check out "Funky Thide of Sings" by Billy Cobham, "Astral Pirates" by Lenny White and any of the James Brown stuff with Maceo, Pewee and the gang (the JB Horns, as referred to above). Great funky jazz played by great musicians.
You might enjoy "Romantic Warrior" by Return to Forever (corea, white, clark and dimeola), though it's more on the jazz side of things. For that matter the rest of the Hancock catalogue is pretty funky, esp. stuff like "Dis is da Drum". Happy listening.
Why not some James Brown? Probably the tightest rhythm section in popular music!
how about Maceo Parker "life on planet groove", and
remember to pass the peas, pass the peas!!!!!
Marcus Miller Live
Try the M2 CD. IMO, it's Marcus's best. The man can flat out play.
Miles Davis "Tutu", "Decoy", "You're Under Arrest", "Do-bop". These projects I assume were under Marcus Miller's influence.
Also check on albums of Arif Mardin for the greatest modern jazz funk. Indeed, far more serious than James Brown that is closer rather to disco and pop.
Also Blue NOte's RAW GROOVES series is pretty funky...
James Taylor Quartet : Extended Play.
Fabulous Acid Jazz ... the best album (EP) of that genre that I've heard.
Very cool, the term funk seems to have some very broad parameters indeed. Funk means many things to many people.

I can't really define "funk" b/c it means a little disco, a little soul & a little.... funk ;) We may not be able to define it but I certainly see a few fans of it around here. Thanks for all the great suggestions, I have some shopping to do.
Ohio Players, Contradiction
Funkadelic, any
Roy Ayers
Galt McDermott

check out TurntableLab.com for great vinyl: early funk/jazz lp's and compilations! I love that site.
Funk means that the beat is on the one.
A few more artists:
George Clinton
Sly & the family stone
Brecker brothers
We all need more funk, I know I do.
Crusaders new release Rural Renewal sounds pretty funky to me. Also try an earlier release Healing the Wounds.
Sam & Dave

been about 20 years since the last time but i just put on 'Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five.' cracked me up. it wasn't funny when i was 15!
Checkout Soulive, here's their website.www.soulive.com

Also try funkmaster- Johnny Guitar Waston
Want Funk? Get this Funk!

1. Kool and the Gang-"Love and Understanding" Delite Records (Fabulous Horn Section and Bass!)

2. Funkadelic-"Uncle Jam Wants You" Warner Brothers (Side One is beyond description-Freak of the Week and Not Just Knee Deep MUST be played in succession. This is mandatory!)

3. Con Funk Shun- "Greatest Hits" Polygram

4. The Gap Band- "Gotta Get Up" EMI Capital ( This is fantastic live jamming funk)

Want More?
The Brecker Brothers are funky,there is one called bebop delux that is incredible.

Any stanley Clark will not disappoint you either.
the meters - plenty of 70's reissues
Hey Y'all,

How about the Isley Brothers. I listened to some at a friends house and I gotta get me some of that for my collection.......John
Does anyone know of any Isley Brothers recordings with Jimi Hendrix?
If you go to this site and search for the Isley Brothers, you will see that Hendrix recorded with them, and the title of the tune. I have never heard it. http://www.allmusic.com
Wow - I had forgotten about all that good 70's funk music I used to love. The Ohio Players - now there was some serious funk. I'd like to add the often overlooked and underrated Average White Band to the list.
wait a minute

forgot Talking Heads

Remain in Light and Speaking in Tongues
and live Stop Making Sense

quirky but funky

the head and the feet move but which first?

Miles Davis,A Tribute to Jack Johnson(side 2,right off)
Miles Davis,Nefertiti
Taj Mahal,Live at the Filmore
Buddy Rich,Big Swing Face
Duke Ellington,Live at Newport
Here's the coolist funky albums you'll ever hear!! As a Drummer and music listener for over 30 yrs these ones never fail to get my blood pumping and give me that tingle up and down my spine! Sneakin' Suspicion and Saskadephia by Jack Semple, Freddie King 1942-1976,Waiting for Columbus by Little Feat,The Gist of Gemini by Gino Vanelli,Level 42 Live!,and Gov't Mule-Live,With a Little Help From Our Friends email me ifyou check any of these out i'd love here what people think
Checkout Benard Allison's Funkafino. You can buy it from his website, as it is an import.
THE Funk album that my buds and I grooved to in 1974 was Graham Central Station's eponymous debut album. I played it for my Chili Pepper and Rage Against the Machine lovin' 15 year old the other day and blew his ferkin' lid.
These are by no means audiophile recordings...but for truly kick*ss funk...look no further than these comps:

"Bay area FUnk: 67-77"

"funky 16 corners"

Keb darge's "Legendary deep Funk vols 1-3"

"FUnk SPectrum"...various vols

"funkaphonix" various vols....

tough,greasy, and mean deep funk dont get no badder than this...get down soulbrothers!
how about Meshell Ndegeocello,very funky,,
It's got to be Parliament funkadelic
The Meters and the Neville Brothers. funk drenched blues takes you to walter wolfman washington and some johnny adams.
How bout Red Hot Chilli Peppers,I think its, Sugar Sex Magik,,very funky!
I second Earth Wind&Fire"Open Our Eyes"I forgot how funky they are,Ive had the album since I was 14 but havent listened to it untill today,Wow pretty good!
Also..."Original Raw Soul" series is pretty greasy and tight grooves...mixed with contemporary and old school sounds...and fantastic sound quality...
"Grow some funk of your own" Elton John.
Nrchy thats about as funky as Peter,Paul and Mary..Check out George Clinton.. he doesn't look a thing like Bill Clinton though their appetite for women are about the same..The Parliament Funkadelic performances are legendary in time and scope. Some of their recordings, at least in my system stretch from wall to wall and floor to ceiling..2 chn surround sound at it's best..Tom
YEAH,George Clinton,Everybody Get Funked Up,,