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Responses from dannylw

Kora Audio Company
They lost distribution in the US. I believe the still exists.A very nice sounding amp. 
Any JBL L150A users out there?
My brochure only shows walnut which is what I currently own.I have seen on e-bay black units but they appear to have different tweeters and midranges.Hope that helps.Dan 
Musical Fidelity XLP2 upgrades
I am interested in upgrades for this unit too.Dannylw 
Kappa 9. Parasound HCA-3500 WILL NOT power them
I think you need to check your speakers crossovers. I own the Kappas. For about seven yerars I powered them with Adcoms. Then a Marantz. They have a 4 ohm switch in the back if you're worried about frying the amp. Later I used Odyssey monos. The o... 
Large Advent Fried Egg Tweeters
I owned the Large Advents and the EPI 180's one right after the other. I would try the caps before giving up on them. They are different but not that different. The Advents usually have a whole in the middle effect. The EPI's don't sound great unl... 
McIntosh vs. Accuphase
I have never owned either but I've listened to many of both. If I were buying I would lean to the Mac simply because every Mac I've heard for its time has been among the best. And just as importantly has been backed by reliability and service. I c... 
Martin Logan Dynamo versus....
I'm never tried the ML dynamo. I have tried the MJ 50 with Martin Logan CLS 2z the seem to integrate well being very fast. 
Dad likes my Infinity Kappa8's, What's similar?
Used Joseph Audio. I have owned a set of kappa 8 since new. In that same range I would defintely look at the Joseph or Celestion SL 700. 
Bi-Amping Possibility, which direction ?
I agree with Onhwy61. Try to find a balanced crossover. However, matching output levels can take sometime. Your statement sounds like you have only one balanced out but two unbalanced out. I would try whatever you have two of rather than Jerry rig... 
Philadelphia area audio club?
Red Planet Audio would like to visit us the last week in September Are any of us available. I have been off the radar due to a heavy travel schedule and a PC that has been attacked by Adware 
Philadelphia area audio club?
I have heard that Chestnut Hill is good. I also know that Soundex is sometimes as is the Audio Clinic 
Amp s for CLS IIZs
odyssey stratos extreme, walcott 220, pass x600 
buzz/hum from tv
I have a Panasonic 36 inch and had almost verbatim the same problem you described. I ended up using a Monster HTS 1000. I plugged the cable line into the Monster and the noise disappeared. Everything I tried prior to this point failed to get the n... 
What items do you rarely ever see offered for sale
Audio General preElectrocompaniet preMaggie TympaniDunlavy and Duntech speakersStax phones 
Amplifier For Martin Logan CLSIIZ?
I'll check out the Master Coupler