HK T-60

I have an HK T-60 turntable that I bought new in 1983. It has been a great pice of equipment especially considering the price! Lately, the speed has been a bit irregular, especially with the quartz lock engaged. Is there a reasonable repair for this issue? Or, would I be better off to try and find a new TT ?

I don't know if you saw this but here are some service manuals and instructions for the HK T-60 turntable. Maybe their is some info int here about the issue you mention.

Where are you located? I know of some good techs in the NJ, NYC, and Long Island area that could help you trouble shoot this issue. It would be $50 or $60 to start though. I don't know how much money you want to put into the HK-T60.

For me if the repair was under $200 I'd do it. It can be very hard to find a used or new TT under $200. With the HK-T60 you already know what you have.
spray deoxit onto pitch control and jerk it back and fourth. if it doesn't help, do that under chassis.

How old is the belt?
I think you have good advice from above. If you are interested in the T-60 historically, you might want to keep it. I don't think it would be exagerating to say it was famous for filling a gap between the lower end and the top turntables. With the Ito tone arm, suspended platter, and heavy base, several times its price was required to exceed it sonicly, and it caught the attention of The Absolute Sound which gave it a good review.
I used to own a T60 and I remember reading about speed control issues (mine did not have them). What I remember is that owners changed out all of the caps and cleaned the pots and this resolved the issues. I can't remember which site, but it may have been I hope this helps.