Mozart P. Conc 17 Ashkenazy Philharmonia Orch

Sunday morning listening doing my heating pad on the neck therapy. This piece is pleases me very much. Particularly noticed the subtlety of the double start to the Andante as well as the wonderful flute and woodwinds interplay throughout. I'm not thinking of modern versus historical playing or comparisons with other artist; merely appreciating the joy received from Ashkenazys intimate considered playing and Mozarts(perhaps underappreciated if that's possible) fascinating musical genius. Truly notes and melody 'flowing like water'. (From a Decca 5 Cd boxed set).
Mozart piano concertos are, in general, hard to beat, and often fill me with a sort of peaceful enjoyment of the moment. And I've responded to a number of different performers in that repertoire. It's just great, great stuff, for which we should all be most thankful. (I am, anyway.)
I also have the Decca set (mine is 10 CD's?), but you are right. Vladimir Ashkenazy is one of the best I've ever heard with the Mozart piano concerti. Rudolf Serkin is the only one I think I like better.

You're right, 10 CDs, and all good.